The Starry Night is a dreamlike rendition of the view out of his room at the asylum in Saint-Rémy by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh. Even Van Gogh himself considered the work a “failure” during his lifetime, it has since become the Post-Impressionist’s most famous painting—encapsulatinghis bold and colorful style. Now, art lovers can test their knowledge of the iconic image by building it, piece by piece.

LEGO Group just released The Starry Night set, a specially designed kit that replicates the blue-and-yellow painting with LEGO bricks. The Starry Night set was designed by 25-year-old LEGO fan Truman Cheng. The Hong Kong-based Ph.D. student discovered a way to replicate Van Gogh’s distinct brushstrokes by stacking LEGO bricks intermittently.

The LEGO Ideas 21333 The Starry Night Set (2316-piece) features the brick built painting in 3D form complete with twinkling stars, bright moon, and the Saint-Rémy village landscape. It also includes a van Gogh minifigure painting the scene with a paint brush, palette, easel and mini painting on a printed tile that can be attached to The Starry Night if desired. You can even hang the set on the wall as a work of art in its own right.

The Starry Night set is priced at $169.99, and will be available for purchase via LEGO’s website. There are some specification of the set.

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