Swaddling is not for baby only. It seems you can swaddle your pets as well, and make them looks like a corn or a cabbage.

Yeah, I am not joking. The cat in below is wearing a food-inspired costume, be more specific, a long era corn. It seems like that is a perfect shape for a cat to wrap itself up in and make themselves warm and cozy. At least, from the picture, the cats look like pretty enjoying.

The comfy-looking creation was handmade by the owner. It’s pretty detailed, with the shiny yellow kernels, green husks, and even some wool at the top sticking out like the silk.

Before the corn, the cat’s owner also made a relatively simple cabbage swaddling in the past. Compared with corn version, the cabbage has only the leafy pattern and color. But it is still quite interesting to see a cat in cabbage.

If you want to find out what is the next vegetable swaddling the owner will make, you can follow the Minira Diary on twitter.

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