Embark on a festive journey as we unwrap the magic of Advent with 10 extraordinary calendars that redefine the anticipation of the holiday season. Beyond the traditional chocolates, these calendars promise daily surprises ranging from exquisite jewelry and soothing incense to aromatic coffee, fine teas, and delicate dried flowers. Each day becomes a celebration as you discover hidden treasures like crystals, candles, and artisanal soaps. Step into a world where the countdown to Christmas transforms into a daily ritual of joy, offering unexpected delights and a touch of enchantment with every door opened. What a perfect gift for kids!

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Incense Advent Calendar [buy on Etsy]

2 Incense Sticks a day for 24 days. Also available in Large, Deluxe and Ultimate sizes!
Materials: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, sage, rosemary, rose, lavender, cedar, pine, palo santo, sandalwood, patchouli, copal

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Coffee Advent Calendar [buy on Etsy]

Discover 24 expertly sourced coffees, roasted with passion and precision. Each day, open a window to reveal a delectable speciality Arabica coffee. Each sachet in the window Advent Calendars contains a minimum of 18g of freshly roasted coffee, perfect for brewing a 295ml/10oz cup of your choice.

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Walnut surprise advent calendar [buy on Etsy]

Elegant & 100% hand made advent calendar. It smells like Christmas! Count the days and enjoy the process! Each nut conceals a unique surprise!!!

* 5 nuts – candles
* 5 nuts – jewellery (high quality brass jewellery plated in gold or silver).
* 5 nuts – adorable wooden buttons or miniature sculptures
* 5 nuts – natural aromatherapy products (for example, spices)
* 3 nuts – dried flowers and seeds (for all gardeners)
* 1 nut – textile lace (nature inspired)

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Candle Advent Calendar [buy on Etsy]

The advent calendar box featuring 24 specially hand-poured candles labeled 1 to 24. This mega sampler box includes a variety of scents from all our collections including our Winter Scents. 24 hand-poured candles in a 2 oz candle tin, each providing roughly 10 hours of enjoyment.

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Crystal Advent Calendar [buy on Etsy]

The Calendar includes natural stones, some are raw and some are tumbled. Each calendar will be unique and the stones will be chosen intuitively. All 24 crystals will be different and a description card is included with each crystal. All crystal sizes range from 1 cm to 4 cm.

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Wooden Christmas Advent Calendar Picture Gallery [buy on Etsy]

This Advent calendar will be a great help to create a Christmas mood for your whole family! Every day you receive tasks that will help you prepare your soul and home for Christmas. Containing 24 cards the kids will love the element of surprise each day as they open a new envelope and help to plan the activity as a family. Alternatively, you can create your own custom tasks or replace some of them! Each Advent calendar comes with a postcard that tells you how to spend your Christmas fun, useful and creative.

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Advent Calendar – Handmade Organic Soaps & Botanical Skincare [buy on Etsy]

This 12 Days of Christmas advent calendar includes 8 soaps (7 half bars + 1 full sized bar) and 4 other skincare products for a total of 12 items. The 4 non-soap products are botanical skincare including items such as lotion bars, lotion sticks, lip balms, crocheted face scrubbies, etc.

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Jewellery Advent Calendar 12 Days Of Joy [buy on Etsy]

This jewellery advent calendar goes beyond just jewellery; it’s a truly personal experience. Each calendar is personalised for the recipient. Featuring initial, zodiac, and birthstone accessories, making it a memorable gift to cherish. Simply enter Initial and date of birth and we will select the items accordingly.

Includes – two necklaces, two bracelets, two pairs of earrings, one adjustable ring and an assortment of 14 interchangeable charms.

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Witchy advent calendar [buy on Etsy]

Twelve boxes for the Advent calendar. Every other day until Yule or Christmas, open a magic drawer to receive the energy of the day. Energy stone, incense, herbs and herbal teas, jewelry and other surprises await you.

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Tea Advent Calendar [buy on Etsy]

This box includes 25 Pcs Tea Test Tubes (25 different flavours), 1 Pcs Tea Spoon Infuser, 1 Pcs Mini Wooden Spice Spoon

Each tube contains 3 servings of tea!!! All of the teas are 100% organic.

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