The importance of a roof cannot be overstated. Your roof covers your home. That means it protects you, your family, and your valuables. A good quality roof means that protection can extend over decades. Meanwhile, a roof of lesser quality will mean many sleepless nights of worrying over leaks and higher-than-average utility bills. You may even have cause to wonder if your roof could hold up to the stress of a natural disaster.

What constitutes a good quality roof?

A good quality roof must stand up to all sorts of temperatures and weather conditions. To do that, a roof must be made of the most durable materials and be installed by knowledgeable and skilled persons.

Asphalt shingles remain the most popular material. However, metal slate and wood shingle roofs are also used and considered good quality. You’ll see why metal roofs have been growing in popularity with where you can find a variety of styles and colors you’d never have thought were made of the material. Once maintained, a metal roof can last you as long as 50-60 years. Slate and wood have comparable lifespans. Contrast this with asphalt shingles, which last on average 20-25 years.

Why is it important to have a quality roof?

As stated before, you’ll sleep easier with a quality roof on your home. You’ll do so because:

● It increases the value of your home

In the event that you want to sell your home, a quality roof can get you a higher price. That’s because a prospective buyer does not have to spend money making an older roof safer and more secure.

A well-maintained roof also makes your home look better, immediately increasing its appeal to a buyer.

● Keeps your home energy efficient

Your roof is the first defense against high energy bills. How? You might have not known, but your roof ensures that your home is properly insulated. When your home is insulated well, you keep more of the heat inside during the winter and more of the AC’s cold air in the summer.

Your HVAC system isn’t overworked, resulting in less maintenance and lower repair bills. You also won’t be using excess electricity to keep them going. The end result, lower electricity bills as well.

● Guards you against extreme weather events

Owners of homes with suspect roofs are always anxious whenever they hear an adverse weather event is approaching. That’s because they don’t know if this is the occasion the roof is about to suffer major damage, possibly even a collapse

A good quality roof will continue to protect your family for decades to come. Peace of mind is something that can’t be bought, but a roof that can stand up to weather challenges comes close to paying for it.

● Prevents damage to your home’s interior

Have you ever been to someone’s home and they have unsightly stains on their ceiling or raised, cracked, or peeling paint on their walls? It’s likely that their roof leaks whenever it rains and the water has begun to cause damage to the inside of their home.

This is not something to be ignored. Peeling and cracking paint indicate damp walls, which could become host to mold and mildew. Once those begin circulating in your home’s air, they can cause serious health problems. If the water gets into your walls where your electrical wires are, that’s a potential fire hazard.

Stained ceilings mean the water has been weakening the structure of that for some time. Don’t be surprised if water damage causes parts of your ceiling to collapse. Once you’ve got a leaking roof, expect the repair costs to mount up.

A one-time investment into a quality roof can literally save you thousands of dollars in repairs as the years pass.

● It protects your belongings

A quality roof not only protects the interior of your home. Imagine your expensive stereo system being destroyed by water that leaked from your ceiling? Or the antique wood cabinet that you inherited from your grandparents? A water stain would certainly reduce the value of that cabinet.

Why would you take chances like these with your precious and in some cases irreplaceable items? They would be better protected with a quality roof.

● It reduces your insurance premiums

Having a quality roof makes your home safer. This is music to an insurance company’s ears. Your home is safer in natural disasters, fires, and against intrusion by burglars. They will reward you for your diligence by charging lower rates on your homeowner’s insurance.

Therefore, a quality roof is well worth the investment. Not only will you, your family, and your property be safer, you can also save money over the long run.

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