Pokémon has been quite popular and you can see quite a lot of Pokémon shaped things at home, such as toys and decorations. But can you imagine living at home with a bunch of Pokémon? They can help out with your daily needs. For example, measure spaghetti, hold flower, store candy and more.

You might think that is only possible in the video. But the fantasy can come true with the expertly crafted works from Japanese wood carving artist Poppo (Twitter, YouTube).

The artist recreates Pokémon in fine detail of intricate wood crafts which not only look awesome but also can be used around home. For example, Poppo has turned Pokémon into adorable traditional Japanese kokeshi dolls, holders for keys and jewelry, and even Valentine’s Day sweets boxes, among many other awesome creations! Take a look at below collection. See how many Pokémon you can identify below.

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