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Amazing Art on Satellite Dish

You might notice, all satellite dish TV antennae are available in similar colors. But if you get sick of those boring satellite dish, what you can do? Check out this blog, another time to...

Super Funny – Animation about Chinese Dumpling 0

Super Funny – Animation about Chinese Dumpling

An amazing Chinese Animator “sun haipeng” just made two animations about the Baozi ( a kind of Chinese dumpling), telling us how can Baozi hold concern and the fight between Baozi and sushi. The...


The Most Bizarre Wallet Design

In the blog, I will present you with the bizarre wallet design I ever seen. And I am pretty much sure I won’t even think about try it. Why? Just see the picture below....


Let’s noodling – Celebrities Noodle Art

A group of pals have sparked a worldwide craze of ‘noodling’ – doodling celebrities, such as Amy Winehouse, using Super Noodles and Simon Cowell‘s noodle incarnation.


Innovative Compact Design

The two things that I see common regarding perception of futuristic technology is that products are going to be compact and well integrated. In this post, I am to present you with some Innovative...


Shoes Art – In the name of ART?

Colombian born artist Federico Uribe , began his career as a painter and he wanted to widen his abilities as an artist and approach art from a brand new prospective. His quest took him...


Illusion-When Pink Rules The World

There is a routine in my company called “Pink Thursday”. It means everyone should wear something pink on that day. It is kind of interesting, however, let’s imagine how the world will look like...


Incredible Leaf Art

In this post, I am to introduce you another art form – leaf Art. Leaf art is done on dry leaves such as Peepal leaves or banayan tree leaves. I classified the leaf art...


How Transparent Toilet Works?

I have been told about the transparent toilet long time ago. Not have a chance to use it and even not know how is that working. Most time I saw on the internet is...


Amazing Collection of Grass Sculpture

We have seen sculptures made of different materials, like steel, iron, sand, stone, ice or something abnormal like wheelcap, steel line, pop can, car tire, paper. Today, I am going to present you with...