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Awesome Looking Clouds

Clouds are probably the most fascinating and beautiful of all weather phenomena. While there are a wide variety of cloud shapes and sizes, they are all made of the same thing: mass of droplets...


Lamp also can be cool!

This blog will present you with some creative and unusual lamp designs from around the world. Hope you enjoy! Paperclip Lamp [link] When is a paperclip not a paperclip? When it’s a LED lamp...


When CG meets Creativity

The phrase “(CG) Computer Graphics” was coined in 1960 by William Fetter, a graphic designer for Boeing, which includes almost everything on computers that is not text or sound. Today computers and computer-generated images...


Beautiful Art made by Jam

I once wrote a blog about “noodle art” which draws celebrities face using noodle. Some of my friends don’t like that kind of art, said it was “waste food”. However, I believed when they...


Amazing Moment of Animal

It is Friday. Let’s have some relaxing time see those amazing photos of animal. Funny, adorable or interesting..Last but not least, have a nice weekend.


Something Weird about the use of Bone Ash

I am never doubt some people’s imagination and  creativity. They can create or make lots of unbelievable things from some materials I never thought can be used in that way. Today’s topic is one...


Amazing Art on Satellite Dish

Get sick of those vanilla white satellite dish? Check out this blog, another time to prove “imagination is no limits”. Let’s enjoy the “Art on Satellite Dish“, witnessing the funny and artistic treatments it...


10 Weird Looking Animal in the world

Attention please, the animal presented in this blog is not created in sci-fiction movie. They are actually living on our planet. Don’t make a fuss when you see them in your life, em, if...


There are faces everywhere 2

Here is the second round of there are faces everywhere, to see the first one, click here. Open your eyes and look for those hidden faces in our life. Can you read their minds?...


Would you go to Zoo by Seeing those ads?

When you usually go to zoo? Why you choose to go a particular zoo? Most time, we go to zoo because our children want to or dating, picnic? And in most city, we only...

Super Funny – Animation about Chinese Dumpling 0

Super Funny – Animation about Chinese Dumpling

An amazing Chinese Animator “sun haipeng” just made two animations about the Baozi ( a kind of Chinese dumpling), telling us how can Baozi hold concern and the fight between Baozi and sushi. The...