Parade and Firework Photos of China 60th Anniversity

China formally kicked off its mass celebrations of 60 years of communist rule with a 60-gun salute that rung out across Beijing’s historic Tiananmen Square on Oct, 1. Hundreds of thousands of participants marched...


Wildlife Exhibition – Animal of Week

Happy Friday again…Hope you have an enjoyable weekend and here is our treat for relaxing Friday night…10 Amazing Photograph which captures Vivid Animals expression, gesture, movement….Funny, adorable or interesting..Wildlife Exhibition – Animal of Week...


Simply Amazing Origami Art

What’s this? A female praying mantis sits on a leaf? In fact, it is a piece of Origami Art from Sipho Mabona, taking him 20 hours of solid folding.


Incredible Portraits Drawn by Excel

Art is everywhere. With some creativity applied you can even turn the world of numbers and formulas into art. Here are a few examples of Excel artworks to show how Microsoft Office can be...


Amazing Watermelon Carving Art

Hotel chef  Takashi began carving melons in 2001 after being inspired while on holiday in Thailand. He has carved flowers, figurines and even a portrait.


Weird Shoes without Foot Plate

Our creative designer never limit their imagination and think about something deeply, like architect Julian Hakes from London who has designed a pair of shoes with no foot plate. The design consists of a...


Ferrari F1 Made Out of Puma Clothes

Recently, it seems people like to recreate F1 car from different materials. I remember I just wrote one blog about a life-size bread F1 Car. And now, we have another clothing F1 car. This...


Sweet Treat For Friday! Chocolate Tower

A 12ft-high model of the Eiffel Tower made entirely out of chocolate gave busy commuters a glimpse but not a taste of Paris today. The mouthwatering version of the famous landmark attracted hungry-looking glances...


Have fun with Google Earth!

We like google earth which is really useful and now we can have fun with google earth….And I believe we can find more and more fun like those in the near future… So what...