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Ski Field or Washroom

Can you image the picture below is taken in a washroom? Recently, lots of Japanese restaurants’ washroom are decorated like a Ski Field. The campaign is supported by a Japanese Coffee company Goeorgia Max...


Castle in the Air

The air castle in the picture is actually a tea house, bulit in Chino, Nagano Prefecture, Japan. The tea house is built atop two chestnut trees, cut from a nearby mountain and transported to...


How the wave look like from inside?

These stunning images capture the power and glory of waves as they are about to crash down onto the shore. They have been taken by surfer-turned-photographer Clark Little who swims in terrifying seas and...


Fish, Fish, Weird Fish

Animal of this week — fish…. weird looking fish! 5 bizarre looking fish on my list will be presented in this post. Most of them are pretty ugly, while the frogfish also called walking...


Amazing MakeUp – Just got shocked

It seems since “Dove Evolution“, more and more people try to show the magic of making up. Here is another one. The girl in the photos took picture of herself and showed us how...


9 Beautiful Cave View in the world

As it is known, caves were first natural shelters used by human beings. Therefore, they attract the attention of many researchers and compel them to study them. With those research, more and more beauty...

AS3: Recursive Functions vs Loop Functions 1

AS3: Recursive Functions vs Loop Functions

A recursive function is a function that calls itself. The following code shows a simple example of recursion. function trouble(){ trouble(); } A recursive function like above calls itself unconditionally, cause infinite recursion. To...

AS 3: Functions as Values 0

AS 3: Functions as Values

A function can be assigned to a variable, passed to a function, or returned from a function, just like any other values. For example, the following code defines a function, a() and then assigns...


Life Design 2 – Silly or Creative

Hello, today is our weekly routine Life Design  – Silly or Creative. I will present you with 10 latest product design. Some of them are real product and some of them are still concept...


Beautiful “Inside painted” Snuff bottles

In this poster, I am going to introduce a kind of beautiful collection – snuff bottle. Snuff Bottle was first designed as a small bottle carrying remedy for common illness like colds, headaches and...


Animal Thief

I think no one likes thief, but how about animal thief? It makes me laugh when I look at those stealing behaviors made by animal. 1. Gecko Stealing cake [link]