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Flash: the function of mergeAlpha in copyPixels 0

Flash: the function of mergeAlpha in copyPixels

the sytx of copyPixels is like this: copyPixels(sourceBitmap:BitmapData, sourceRect:Rectangle, destPoint:Point, [alphaBitmap:BitmapData], [alphaPoint:Point], [mergeAlpha:Boolean]) : Void Just assume, we have a destination BMP called desBMP, a sourceBitmap, and a alphaBitmap to provide secondary alpha setting....


Funny Pepper Icons

Another set of free iconsFunny Pepper from Kluke on deviantart. There are 255×255 with transparent background. Really like these shining peppers with different emotion. Here is the screenshot of these icons, you can click...


Photo Graphic Folder Icons

Found a set of free Photo Graphic Folder Icons on deviantart. The icons are 255×255 with transparent background. Here is the screenshot of these icons, you can click the link below to download the...

18 flash loading animations 64

18 flash loading animations

Loading…. a most frequently used part in flash movie. To avoid your user see a blank screen and don’t know what happens, you provide them with loading animation indicating the progress and how long...


Most stunning science images from NewScientist

There are 10 the most stunning science images from NewScientist,UK, including the propagation and reflection of a blast wave, a helix planetary nebula and a baby kangaroo suckling in a pouch… 1. This stunning...

Tags support in htmlText flash as3

Tags support in htmlText flash as3

1. anchor tag <a> </a> Three attributes are supported: 1.1 href: URL can be relativl or absolute. Notice: the absolute URL must begin with “http://”, otherwise, flash player will regard it as relative URL....


Creative Motorola ads in China

Creative advertisement campaign from O&M Beijing for Motorola Ming8 GPS. In this post, three relative ads are presented. Fully Chinese cultured and smart indicates the new feature GPS in Motorola Ming8. Those design are...

How to correctly use Flash htmlText 1

How to correctly use Flash htmlText

Textfield can support some html tag in flash, for example: info.htmlText = “<b>Bold</b>, <i>italic</i>, <u>underline</u>”; the result effect: Bold, italic, underline However, when you use htmlText adding text one by one, the new added...


Creative 404 error page design

The 404 or Not Found error message is an HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with the server but either the server could not find what was requested,...


GUI Champs 2008-IconPackager Winners!

The GUI Championships is an inter-website contest in which top graphic designers from around the world compete for the prizes. Here is the winners for the most usable and most original icon package. They...


2008 best animal shot

Today I will introduce 2008 most lovely/funny animal photography, announced by UK “The Daily Telegraph”. Hope you like those beautiful creatures.