Oblique World from Romain Laurent

Today’s inspiration comes from Romain Laurent, a highly talented French photographer, famous for his brilliant work with some of the biggest advertising agencies in the world. However, today, I am to present you his...


Smart Anti-Tobacco Ads Design

I have seen lots of anti-tobacco campaign, most of them are focusing on “it is harmful to your (or your family) health.” But the campaign I am presenting today, try to tell us the...


Amusing Teabag Design

German design company Donkey Products never fails to amuse me with their humorous products.  Now they’re back with a range of new products, including these funny tea bags: RoyalTea, StripTea, and DemocraTea. Whoever of...



These are some of the entries in a photoshop contest, from website Worth1000.com, to combine plants with animals into a variety of absurd plantimals, such as this freshly cucumber frog… Slice of cucumber anyone? ...


Help! My head is stuck!

Sometime, curiosity does cause problem. Check those pictures below, you will find some animals really have a nose for trouble. A six-week-old fox cub, was found by a passer-by, near Richmond, with the brake...


Awesome Graffiti on Sewer

We have seen Graffiti on lots of place. Today, we will see 21 awesome graffiti on sewer openings. They actually help to beautifying the city and adds some witty to it.


Cool Down your SUMMER!

In this blog, I will present you with some innovative cooler designs collected from world. Hope it can help you find some coolness in this crazy summer. (Honestly, I am burning now… I want...


Animal Friendship

I am not sure is it appropriate to give the title “Animal Friendship” to this blog. But the relationship between those animals on the pictures seem pretty harmonious and warm. I hope most of...


Fun of Balloon Twisting Art & Balloon Sculpture

Balloon twisting and sculpture is a fun activity often done at carnivals, fairs, and parties by clowns and entertainers. Today I am to present you with 17 interesting Balloon Twisting work. Let’s explore how...


Self-portrait made by shaved beard

I know it sounds a little creepy, but when you look at that self-portrait, it is quite impressive. The tool is toothpick and the paint is shaved beard. What a amazing!


Incredible Pencil Sculptures

Creative artists always try to make something new from normal materials. I once wrote about a blog abou “Shoe Sclupture” from Federico Uribe. Today I am to present you with some Incredible Pencil Sculptures.