Monster made by wheelcap

All those 8 sculptures are made by wheel cap. I never thought wheel cap can be used to make some elegant design like those. The dragon in the second picture is really vivid.


The Moment – Amazing Moment

There are lots of moments in our life that we will miss by our eyes. However, if we can catch that moment and present it in photo. You will be shocked or amazed by...


Absolute Smart, Absolut Ads Campaign

I have presented a lot creative designs of billboard, poster in my previous articles. However, for this product, I want to save the whole page for it. That is the Ads Campaign from ABSOLUT...


3D Space Background Texture

Here is 8 free 3D Space background textures, which helps you easily create 3D-ish feeling. I also include the vector file (.esp) for each picture. Feel free to download the one you are interested....


3D Street Painting

20 amazing 3D street paintings will be presented here. Most of them are made by Kurt Wenner and the other is collected cross internet. The theme of painting are various, from classical figures and...


Sweet Lover of animals

Valentine Day is approaching, I am going to show you 15 photos about how animal express their love to the other. That is really sweet.


Chocolate Social Icons

Thanks Kuswanto from Zeusbox Studio, share us with a sweet set of social icons themed in Chocolate especially for Valentine Day. You can find 12 common social icons (such as: delicious,stumbleupon,digg, facebook, flickr, etc.,)...


Dust Paintings

if you find a dirty car, what you will do? a. write “wash me” b. write naught words c. do a pretty painting. Check the poster below to see how Scott Wade turn a...


Electric Photography – special lighting effect

Here are 23 photos taken with a special effect called “Electric Photography“. It seems use a special exposure approach to highlight the edge or the hair/texture of the target in photo. One photo came...


Might be most beautiful insect in the Universe

The common insects that we hardly look at, mostly despise and even abhor, however they might become artistic intricate objects in macro-photography. Of course, some mugshots are frankly quite ugly, reenforcing our general dislike...


Golden Style Window Icons

7 common windows icons in rich golden style will be provided here. All of them are in 256×256 png format. They are recycle bin (empty and full status), my computer, internet, folder(full and empty)...