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Interesting Chinese Architecture Stamps

This Chinese architecture stamps set is more than a decent set of stamps and colored ink pads. This stamp set recapitulates the elements of Chinese traditional architecture, such as ridge of a roof, lintel...


All About Soap

Photos presented in this blog are all about soap: soap sculpture, soap food, soap gadget…. so many interesting designs about soap… Soap Mouse



In today’s poster, I am to introduce a kind of special art to you, “Wire Knit”  which is created by a talented artist Blanka Sperkova. There are 17 works presented here and you can...


Interesting kagee Shadow Picture

Kage-e (”shadow pictures”) — a popular form of Edo-period(Japan) woodblock print — were appreciated by children and adults and commonly used as party gags. These pictures consist of two parts: a “shadow” image and...


Fantastic CardBoard Office

The office presented in this post is owned by a company called Nothing. It is a new commercial creative agency formed by Michael Jansen and Bas Korsten that has just opened its doors in...


Beautiful “Inside painted” Snuff bottles

In this poster, I am going to introduce a kind of beautiful collection – snuff bottle. Snuff Bottle was first designed as a small bottle carrying remedy for common illness like colds, headaches and...


Amazing Umbrella Art

It turns out that something as simple as an umbrella can be used to create beautiful and creative art installations, adding romance atmosphere or artistic environment …They are widely used in Interior decoration, exterior...


Hand + Painting = Animal ?

In this post, you will find 16 types of animal, not really. They all made by the combination of hand’s gesture and painting on hands… They are really cool…


Chalk Art on Street

Not sure whether you guys saw some street artist drawing painting on street with their colorful chalk. Most time I saw it, I always can’t help stopping and watching it…. That is amazing! In...


Steel Line Sculptures

What happens when you refuse to let the line simply end? Using one continuous line of steel, Steve Lohman creates his innovative, graceful sculptures in his home studio on Martha’s Vineyard. All the sculptures...


Art of Can

Usually, we finish the drink, we dropped the empty cans. However, those useless cans can be made into some masterpiece, like sculpture, painting and costume… Here is our costume series: