Today, we will talk something essential in our daily life – toilet paper. What kind of ART can be made out of toilet paper? You will know when you finish this post.

1. When we have lots of toilet paper? — we can make a wall, a toilet paper wall.

toilet paper art

Actually, it is looking pretty good on the picture, and seems easily get paper. Just make sure to keep the room dry. lol [link]

2. When we have a lot but not enough for a wall? — we can make a nice dressing

toilet paper art

This one is the ads campaign of “Cashmere Tissues”. I saw the real one in the window display of “the Bay” in Toronto [link]

3. When we try to do some thinking? — we write our notes on the notepad styled toilet paper

toilet paper art

Thinking toilet paper by School of Visual Arts[link]

4. When we try to do something artistic? — The Toilet paper origami, easy, just follows the steps above. Print it out and put in your wallet, in case you forgotten one of the steps.

toilet paper art

Toilet Paper Origami[link]

5. When we finish the whole roll of paper? — We can make some handcraft to add some beautiful decoration on the wall.

toilet paper art

toilet paper roll Art [link]

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