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Lovely Arms&Crafts Ceramic Creation from KRASZNAI

Arms&Crafts BowlKRASZNAI is a young studio from Barcelona. All the works we produce are handmade and/or slipcasted ceramics and each one of them is a little bit different from the others. At least we...


Creative Officewear Made Totally by Office Supply

bubble wrapImagine walking into a meeting and seeing a man walking past you in a butt-scanned suit? Or perhaps being the head honcho in such an office and not getting the special memo?


Creative and Funny WTF Series by Estudio Minga

Great, simple illustrations can very easy explain us the true meaning of internet slang WTF??? Began as an in-house joke quickly became a way for Estudio Minga to show the world just how creative...


Unusual Grocery-looking T-shirt Packaging Design

You probably won’t believe above four packages are something for you to dress instead of eating. But that is the truth. Thai design agency Prompt Design have created a range of t-shirts that are...


Incredible Painting Made of Shoelaces

At first glance these colorful pictures might look just like regular paintings – but closer inspection reveals the incredibly detailed artwork is in fact made from shoelaces. These incredible pictures are made by Federico...


30 Creative and Funny Print Advertisement

Most people hate adverts. Intrusive, deceptive and boring are just three adjectives commonly used to describe advertising and its omnipresence in modern society. While in today’s post, we will present you with 30 Creative...


Cool 3D Metal Fold-out Business Card Design

OfficeI have been seen lots of creative business cards design, but the ones presented in this post are definitely one of the coolest metal business cards i have ever seen! Like mini-installation art, these...


21 Cool and Unusual Credit Card Designs

For most of us, a credit card is just another piece of plastic cluttering up our wallets, which is generic and corporate. But some credit cards go beyond the mundane and feature cool works...


Optical Illusion: Pour me Some Light!

The pouring light by Yeongwoo Kim is another great Optical Illusion Design. In fact it is is a clever desk lamp designed to look like a spill frozen in time. The lamp is shaped...