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Paper Talk – Amazing Paper Craft

Paper models, also called card models or paper craft, are models constructed mainly from sheets of heavy paper or card stock. The normal paper craft is a card modeling as the making of scale...


Simply Amazing Origami Art

What’s this? A female praying mantis sits on a leaf? In fact, it is a piece of Origami Art from Sipho Mabona, taking him 20 hours of solid folding.


Simple but Beautiful! Rotating Paper Art

I came across to those photos when I search paper craft on Internet, and totally amazed by those simple, colorful paper art. It seems really simple, only using some colorful paper, adding together. I...


Amazing Paper Toy Craft from Filippo

Filippo Perin is an “Artist, Paper toy creator” from Conegliano, Italy. He is incredibly good at Crafts and Toy Design. I will present some of his “paper toy” work. If you want to see...