Paper weighs a lot, so it matters what that number is! If it were printed on thin copy paper, that beautiful wedding card would not look as good, would it? Not at all!

Therefore, making great printed pieces is all about the weight of the paper! It is impossible to fit your favorite restaurant’s menu card on regular writing paper for business cards, wedding invitations, or even educational certificates.

For your ink and design to work together, you need a thicker, more durable material. You can make good-quality marketing material to impress everyone with the Cardstock Paper because it has all of these features!

Today, we will learn about the properties of card stock paper, how it is used, and when, as a matter of importance, you should be printing your material on it.

Please prepare pens and paper before we begin.

What is cardstock?

Basically, cardstock is a type of paper that is stronger and more durable. Arts and crafts are a breeze with this flexible and thin material. Papercraft or cardmaking is also made easier because heavier and sturdier paper is best.

A durable paper such as this can make business cards, postcards, playing cards, catalog covers, and scrapbooks. Glossy surfaces, metallic surfaces, and textured surfaces can be found on smooth surfaces.

Wikipedia says, “When card stock is referred to as cover stock, it usually has a glossy coating on either side of the material and is used for books and business cards.”

How Does It Work?

Business cards are a joint application for cardstock paper. Your information is visible even after a few spills or bends, so it gives your card a professional look and holds up well.

Investing in a reliable platform to display this vital contact information is a must for relaying it.

Cards, postcards, and displays are all made from cardstock. To summarize, when using cardstock to communicate big ideas or important messages, you’ll always come out ahead.

Besides business settings, this kind of paper is helpful for other situations, too. Crafters use cardstock to create greeting cards and display pictures in scrapbooks.

Are you in need of playing cards? It is also possible to use the stock for that! No matter what purpose it serves, we can make sure you get the perfect color, texture, and size.

What is the thickness of cardstock paper?

Even though it is measured differently from country to country, it is usually expressed through points or mils, representing the thickness of a sheet in thousandths of an inch. A mil or point is equal to .008 inches, for instance.

For example, you would have to move the decimal three positions left if you were wondering how thick 16pt card stock is. As a rule, the thickness of card stock in the US is measured in millimeters, which is a thousandth of an inch.


Your cardstock material will be suitable for any occasion!

The versatility and fun of cardstock make it a great crafting material. For your big event, you should be familiar with what card stock is, how it’s used, and how to use it properly.

The information in this article should provide you with ample insight into those topics. I hope this guide has given you some ideas for a cool project and ensured that your customized pieces are presented in a crisp, professional manner.

Keep on reading, we’ll share more with you next time.

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