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Stunning Photographs of Paint Dropped into Water

The creative 42-year-old Mark Mawson has been taking pictures for 22 years but recently came up with his eye-catching method of creating the watery blobs. Mark, who specializes in shooting underwater scenes and people,...


10 Interesting Design Inspired by Matches

Not sure in which place matches still be widely used in the daily life. In my memory, it is a dangerous but attractive game when I was a child. I really enjoy the moment...


Oh, the vase is blown away…

The awesome designers from Front digitized a Royal Delft vase and gave it new parameters for the material. It was exposed to a simulated gust of wind. And I’m totally blown away.


Beautiful Animal Eyes

“The eyes are the mirror of the soul”, but do animals have a soul? Check the photos below and make your own conclusion. What you see from their eyes? Fly’s Eyes [link] More close-up...


Transparent Animal

Today’s topic – Transparent Animal. Some of them we are familiar with, like Jellyfish. While some of them, are really weird to me, like the “Glass Frog” “Spookfish”.


Most stunning science images from NewScientist

There are 10 the most stunning science images from NewScientist,UK, including the propagation and reflection of a blast wave, a helix planetary nebula and a baby kangaroo suckling in a pouch… 1. This stunning...


Animal Camouflage – Can you find me?

Cryptic coloration is the most common form of camouflage, found to some extent in the majority of species. The simplest way is for an animal to be of a color similar to its surroundings....


Reflection Photography — Beautiful Reflective World

Sometimes, you will find reflection is pretty annoying, while if you can make use of it, some amazing effect and stunning pictures can be achieved. Reflective surface like water, rain, windows, mirrors and even...