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12 Amazingly Beautiful Trees

There are many reasons we should all be tree-hugging hippies. They change carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe and sequester carbon; they provide shelter for countless critters and provide food for them. Besides...


Dead Beauty: Stunning Shots of Dead Trees

Trees are beautiful, but how about dead trees? If you think there’s nothing but decomposing wood, you might change your mind after this post. Below are some stunning photos of dead trees captured by...


Stunning Photography of Bristlecone Pines

The bristlecone pines are three species of pine trees believed to live longer than any other known organism, up to an age of nearly 5,000 years. They’re grow in isolated groves between 1,700 and...


Incredible Photography of Frozen Lake Shore

Timothy Corbin, a talented self-taught landscape photographer recently captured some stunning photos of frozen Ontario lakeshore. With an eye for light and composition, Timothy is able to capture the natural beauty of what surrounds...


Magic of the Forest: Pure Beauty of Nature

Simultaneously eerie and enchanting, the mist-filled forests photograph were captured by brothers Andrei and Sergiu Cosma of PhotoCosma who live and work in Romania. A haunting overtone encompasses these images making it look as...


Strange Trees

em… Don’t know how to describe the pictures. Those trees are really weird, or freaking. Some of them even have human face. Not sure it is fake or real, share with you guys.