Strange Trees

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  1. sophie says:


  2. Rutger Staaf says:

    Funny photos of trees. Is it possible for me to use two photos from your site in my blog. I will recommend my readers to yous site with a link.

  3. what says:

    1st one is fake

  4. sgt. sundae says:

    Not sure why you’d bother to post the 1st pic when it is obviously folded/mirrored left to right, I mean come on. Love the third one, though.

  5. steve smith says:

    You have some truly amazing photos on here. really impressed. :o)

  6. Ghulam Mustafa says:

    big strange ,i cont see these before this

  7. Adroar says:

    The 1st , the 5th and the last are PS manipulations. =)

  8. Christoffer says:

    On the first tree, it is 100% symmetrical and therefore certainly photoshopped. But it would be interesting to know what the picture/tree looked like to start with.

  9. elena says:

    Amasing pictures!

  1. October 5, 2011

    […] Strange Trees – Tags: strange tree, tree, weird tree Random […]

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