If they are still there… 10 Giant Extinct Monsters

As the top of the food chain, human might never think about we will be prey one day (of course, except in those fancy movie). However, check those extinct monsters in this post. Just can’t imagine how we will look lie if we’d been alive in that eras. So, are you ready for the time travel. Let go back to the time when size and ferocity are dominant quality.

Sabre-toothed tiger [link]

Extinct: ~10,000 years ago

This fabled beast with its extraordinary canines would be a sight to behold. There are some spectacularly preserved sabre-toothed specimens from the La Brea tar pits in Los Angeles, but the tar makes extracting DNA tricky, so nobody has been able to isolate decent sequences. However, there are also some permafrost-preserved specimens that might be a better source of DNA. If we could obtain a genome, a close living relative of the sabre-tooth, the African lion, should be a good egg donor and surrogate mother. Californians, beware!

Sabre-toothed tiger

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