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Intricately 3D Paper Cut by Patrick Cabral

Paper-cutting is one of the most popular art formats which we have talked quite a lot. Some artists choose to create very intricate and complex paper work on a single sheet while some artists...


Stunning Intricate Paper-cut Art by Maude White

NY based artist Maude White is well known for her intricate paper-cut work. Cleverly play with positive and negative space, Maude create fantastic scenes and stories with a single sheet of paper. Using only...


Incredibly Intricate Scenery Cut Out from Rice Paper

Chinese artist Bovey Lee continues to amaze us by her incredible detailed paper cutting art. She meticulously cuts intricate scenes of plants, roads, people, and architecture on those arge thin sheets of Chinese rice...


Bold and Beautiful Hand-Cut Paper Silhouettes

We have showcased some amazing paper cut arts on the our site before, and today we will feature another delicate art from Joe Bagley who creates unique silhouette art from a single sheet of...


Awesome Paper Sculptures and Paper cuts from Elsa Mora

CUBAN-BORN ARTIST Elsa Mora creates intricate, often profound, sometimes whimsical paper cuts, paintings, drawings and sculptures. When I first saw Elsita’s art, I can’t stop star­ing at these metic­u­lously detailed, and there­fore labor-intensive, paper...


Incredible Paper Map Cut By Hand

We have featured lots of paper art on this blog. For me, paper cutting needs not only skills and talents but also tons of patience. Like these Incredible Paper Map Cuts created by Artist...