Laundry is an unavoidable household task that many people find boring, but laundry rooms tend to be neglected when it comes to renovations. Elevating a laundry room from a purely utilitarian room to a functional and beautiful room of its own will make your daily chores a little more tolerable.

From painted cabinetry and detailed tilework to unique hardware and storage baskets, with a little bit of TLC, we can easily transform our laundry rooms into an efficient and stylish space that will coexist with the rest of the home.

Whether you are designing a room for a new home, remodeling your current space, or just looking for ideas to refresh your current laundry room, check out these 15 beautiful laundry rooms offer plenty of inspired ideas for transforming your laundry room into a standout space you’ll want to show off to guests.

h/t: pinterest, thespruce

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