We need umbrellas for sure during the raining day. While how many of you gusy do enjoy the time holding them? There are so many problem related to an umbrella, like dripping problem, storing problem, can’t handle strong wind… not mention most of them are black boring and plain. But those sorry basic so-called shields can be spectacular as well! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the 15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs here; they vary from structural indulgences to conceptual capabilities.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs

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1. Coffee Loving Umbrella [link]

How many times have you been running down the street in the rain with your umbrella in one hand, coffee in the other, and whatever else you’re carrying awkwardly stuck under your arm? Well, thanks to Jung-Woo Lee’s cup holder umbrella, those days are no more.

Basically, the cup holder umbrella takes the idea of a cup holder from a car and combines it with an umbrella. So, you have a free hand for texting, waving, or whatever else you need it for.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs

2. Funny Umbrella – Sun Shade Hat [buy on amazon]

These umbrella hats are awesome! These are actual hats, to be worn on your head and provide shelter from sun, rain, snow, golf balls…These hats are a hoot for funny hat parties, Halloween parties, and other funny occasions. Wear one to your next golf tournament and let us know the reaction you get!

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
3. Goggles umbrella [link]

The GOGGLES umbrella from 25togo is a playful parasol that is undeniably inspired by snorkeling equipment. The main feature is the see-through portion of the umbrella that is in the shape of goggles, hence the aptly titled GOGGLES umbrella

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
4. Knight’s Sword Handle Umbrella [buy on amazon]

A little chivalry can go a long way to make a dreary day a better one and the Knight’s Sword Handle Umbrella makes the battle a stylish one. The deceptively dangerous rain protector can be worn at the belt-line for the look of a classic rainy knight, or on the back for a more intimidating and battle-ready appearance.

No meteorological challenge is too much when you’re equipped with the Knight’s Sword Handle Umbrella. It is up to the dampening task whether that task be an irritating drizzle or a dangerous downpour.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
5. Brass-Knuckle Umbrella [link]

According to the designer, this brass knuckle inspired, Umbuster, has been “classified a Class 5 weapon by good and upright men and women of the Victorian Police. To have and to hold this accessory requires a weapons license and, or gun license.”

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
6. Heart Shaped Umbrella [buy on amazon]

Heart Umbrella Fill rainy days with love thanks to this funky umbrella! The Heart Umbrella is a must have for any romantic. Whilst closed, it looks like almost any other stylish brolly but once opened it takes the shape of a huge heart! Choose between a red, hot pink and candy pink umbrella to give you a lift on a cloudy day. Get noticed in any crowd and show everyone what a big softy you are with this Heart Umbrella.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
7. Drip-Sealing Umbrellas – Yuento Magic Umbrella [link]

If there is one thing I can’t stand about umbrellas (aside from the fact that I always lose mine) it’s that they get unbearably soggy after they’re useful. The Yuento Magic Umbrella solves this little problem. Instead of relying on those pointless fabric cases, it features a plastic case that converts into a handle when opened.

Although the Yuento Magic Umbrella won’t dry properly in its plastic encasement, it will certainly keep those drips away from your clothing. I mean, sometimes there’s no point of shielding yourself from the rain when you have to lug around a wet umbrella afterward.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
8. Bamboo Umbrella [buy on amazon]

This rather strange looking invention is the world’s first biodegradable umbrella. The frame looks gorgeous and it is made from bamboo, which is of course, is a renewable resource. The clear canopy is a unique bio-plastic, biodegradable in less than five years.

This umbrella is called ‘The Brelli’, a 100% biodegradable umbrella. Good riddance to deflated black umbrellas littering city streets or piling up in landfills and neighborhood refuse bins. The Brelli aims to introduce us to a new era of rain gear – one where the life cycle of an umbrella is something that we can finally rely on and also factor into the seasons ahead with a clear, eco-friendly solution.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
9. Helpful Umbrellas – ‘The Guide’ Shows Tourists the Way [link]

If you are a tourist exploring a rainy city, The Guide umbrella might be a cool alternative to GPS devices to show your around and keep you dry (or away from the scorching sun) at the same time. The creative umbrella design serves as a guide of sorts with a map of the city with highlighted cafes, restaurants and hot spots printed on the outside of the umbrella.

This particular design by Cansu Cender features a map of Istanbul, Turkey, but it can be easily adopted to any area and sold at tourism shops and bookstores in these places.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
10. Anti-Theft Umbrellas [link]

Many offices and buildings do not allow bringing in wet umbrellas, and leaving them on the outside rack is just an invitation for someone to steal them. Mr. Funamizu solves this problem with his concept design, the Shacklie. It’s an umbrella with a handle that could be transformed into cuffs. Once you lock it, your umbrella will be a prisoner till you come back.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
11. X-Ray Umbrellas [link]

These carefully made umbrellas rock a seriously unique design (they are pictures of human bones) that is sure to grab a little extra attention. This cool umbrella concep is designed by Anastacia Spada. Composed of water-repellent sheets of skeletal film, her brilliant diy project is sure to cast rainy nights under a different shade.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
12. wheel + seal umbrella [link]

Terrible weather can make anyone easily depressed. For this reason, Taiwanese designers yu-ting cheng, yu-hsun chung and shaw-chen chen have created ‘wheel umbrella’ for children. Here the design features wheels that leave impressions of smiley faces on the floor using puddles left over from the rain.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
13. Rain Brush Umbrella – Umbrella For Graffiti [link]

Designer Liu Hsiang-Ling quite poetically brings out the relationship between an umbrella and the rain. Simple pleasures from the past that we have long forgotten; jumping into puddles or using a stick to draw in the sand! Her take is this Rain Brush Umbrella designed with a paint-brush (silicon) like tip, so that you can dip it into the nearest rain puddle and start drawing water graffiti on the sidewalk. A nice past-time if you’re waiting for a bus or something.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
14. SENZ Umbrella [buy on amazon]

It is windproof in wind speeds up to 70 MPH! That means even in 70 mile an hour wind gusts this umbrella will not flip inside out! The unique patented construction and powerful, straight shapes of this umbrella will give you a new cutting edge style while effectively protecting you from the rain. SENZ umbrellas also feature Eye Savers – a tough connection between the fabric canopy and the frame specially designed with the front slanted down to protect your eyes from any possible harm.

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
15. Hands Free Umbrella for Stroller [buy on amazon]

My Blue BumbershootTM is the first hands-free umbrella for you, The Stroller Chauffeur.No longer must you suffer soggy strolls in the city. No longer must you sacrifice your hair, flair or footwear. Simply secure My Blue Bumbershoot to your stroller and you’re protected. My Blue Bumbershoot simply clamps onto your stroller. Attach it to virtually any type of stroller. My Blue Bumbershoot gives you the freedom to embrace the rain!

15 Creative and Unusual Umbrella Designs
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