Monthly Archive: October 2010


Multifunctional Futuristic Bridges from Korea

Bridges are a crucial architectural structure, but oftentimes they only serve one purpose – linking one landmass to another. Not so with firm Planning Korea’s vision for a new multi-level, multi-use, greenery filled bridge...


2010 Art Exhibition by the Sea in Sydney

When we are waiting for the winter and preparing for the coming Halloween, the 14th Sculpture By The Sea exhibition is lining Sydney’s Pacific seaboard. Besides those eye-catching sculptures, it is pretty cool to...


Most Amazing Pumpkin Carvings from Ray Villafane

Halloween is around the corner, so does the pumpkin carving. Carvers go to work on their hand-picked gourds, eager to transform them into something spectacularly scary, or just plain spectacular. And I bet, if...


Stunning Photography of SNAKE

What animal has inspired as much dread, as many legends, indeed, as much revulsion and terror as the snake? Honestly, I am always scared of this type of animal, deadly and cold. I don’t...


Creative Painting on LP Record

We have been seeing lots of advertising in our life, like flyers, posters, brochures, and commercials. But we have to admit, some of them are really well designed and full of creativeness and inspiration,...


15 Multifunctional Tables which CAN Transform

As one of those popular furniture at home, we have been seeing lots of creative designs of table. Today, new materials and design methods are injecting further creativity into modern tables – but are...


Amazing Library Inspired Café Design

This Espresso Café located on Madison Avenue, in New York City is inspired by the nearby Bryant Park Library, Nema Workshop designed a store that is straightforward in a simple twisted way – take...


Breathtaking Sunbeams Photography

Like a common story you hear all the time, something ordinary accidentally turns into something amazing. It also applies our today’s topic – a set of breathtaking Sunbeams Photography, taken by Algo. As a...


ECO-CLIFF: Skyscrapers for Animal?

The “ECO-CLIFF” is purposed by Hila Davidpu, Tal Gazit, Eli Gotman, and Hofi Harari recently, which is a revolutionary tower that will serve as a nesting ground for thousands of migrating birds as well...


Sexy Dress Made Out Of Newspaper

We have been featuring some dresses made out of unusual material like porcelain, condom and chocolate. And in this post, we will show you another set of fashionable but fragile dressing – newspaper dress....


Amazing Shadow Art – Shadow Sculptures

One year ago, we featured a post about 16 amazing shadow art. Today, we will present you another set of incredible shadow sculptures created by Belgian artist Fred Eerdekens. Still Lies


Horror Stationery Design, Prefect for Halloween

Even though this set of Stationery is not designed for Halloween (It is designed by Jacques Pense for 13th Street, the most popular crime and horror television channel in Germany), I have to say...