Monthly Archive: December 2010


Amazing 2010 Underwater Winning Photos

Underwater world is always full of mystery to me and I am so easily amazed by those beautiful Underwater photos. However, it is so difficult to take them which requires special equipment and skill....


Truly Amazing Paper Sculpture by Cheong-ah Hwang

Self-taught Korean artist Cheong-ah Hwang creates beautiful and intricate works of art that are made entirely out of paper. We have featured many amazing paper sculptures on this site, while Cheong-ah Hwang’s work is...


Breathtaking Photograph of Dew Drops (30 Pic)

Dew drops, the water droplets condensed from the air, are a beautiful gift from Mother Nature. They are vivid and delicate, warm and cold at the same time. They sparkle like pearls on the...


Merry Chirstmas

Merry Christmas! We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! May the New Year bring Success, Love, Peace, Prosperity and all the Best to you and your Loved ones!


If Shoes Have Faces, How Would They Look Like?

You have different styles of shoes at home, new, old, fashionable, outdated. However, if each one has face, what will it look like? Hard to imagine? Gwen Murphy give her answer, who transform old...


Amazing Chainsaw Wooden Sculptures

Here you can see amazing artworks made by artist Mr. Randal D. Boni. Randal is a wildlife sculpture artist who creates amazing sculptures from wood using chainsaw. He calls him self a wildlife sculpture...


17 Creative and Unusual Guitar Designs

Guitars never get old, they just get more creative and stranger. In this post, we will feature 17 Creative and Unusual Guitar Designs collected from the world. From spider shape guitar to lego built...


20 Beautiful Christmas Wreath Decorating Ideas

When coming up with Christmas decorations, Christmas wreaths are usually the most important things in the list, next to the Christmas tree, Christmas tree ornaments and presents. The great thing about a Christmas wreath...


Lovely Arms&Crafts Ceramic Creation from KRASZNAI

Arms&Crafts BowlKRASZNAI is a young studio from Barcelona. All the works we produce are handmade and/or slipcasted ceramics and each one of them is a little bit different from the others. At least we...