17 Creative and Unusual Guitar Designs

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  1. Paul Trajano says:

    Cool post! If not for your post, I don’t think I’d ever see these unique guitars. Now… Where did I put my guitar, chisel & saw again? =)

  2. Mark Tyson says:

    I love the collection you’ve put together here. Also it’s nice that not all the designs are simply ‘crazy’. The stowaway travel guitar looks pretty good and useful for we jet-setters! I wouldn’t mind trying one out, I’ll check for any reviews on the internet now…

  3. TheOriginalZell says:

    Great guitars. I love the dragon one. But your definition of “Shinigami” is incorrect; Shinigami Is a Grim Reaper/Spirit of Death

  4. james linwood says:

    hi guys i just had a bash over these guitars

  5. Kyoji says:

    The Shinigami looks so epic! And yes, “shinigami” in Japanese is 死神, which means “God of Death”.

  6. Jon says:

    Awesome guitars, although some of them may be more for display than for actual performance.

  7. constantin says:

    I am in unique guitar business myself. And as such I must really thank you for this great post – the guitars you have presented are all very interesting, unique and inspirational!

  8. lisa says:

    Love your guitars I hope you design a tiger guitar that would be awsome

  1. August 11, 2011

    […] unusual guitar 17 drawings, collected in the world, which can be creative, unique or crazy. Source Unique Guitar Design Posts Related to Unique Guitar Design Most Expensive Guitars in The WorldMost Expensive Guitars in […]

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