Wood isn’t a frequently used material in bathrooms while it’s getting more and more popular due to spa/oasis feeling it brings. Wood will no longer take a backseat in the bathroom design, like a few wooden bathroom accessories. Instead, it becomes a a major component in the contemporary bathroom space.

Furniture, flooring, ceiling and wall, everywhere can find the usage of wood. The wood is used to enhance the quality of the space and create a luxurious and sauna-like feel to the whole bathroom, giving wood a whole new meaning with the modern edge.

Depends on your needs, there are several different ways to use wood in your bathroom interior. Do you want to have a fully wooden bathroom? Or you still want to keep the wood away from the wet area and use them only for furniture. If you just want to have the wooden feeling instead of using real wood, then wood-looking tiles are perhaps the easiest solution that doesn’t require much maintenance. But if you want to go with the real one, natural wood, plywood can have special coating to be water and maybe heat resistant as well.

There are many ways and styles one can decorate a wood bathroom and you may discover some ideas by just looking at the images of the wooden bathroom designs below. Even you already have a wooden bathroom, you still can get some inspirations from ideas in this article to give your bathroom a wooden upgrade.

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