People have different reactions when someone dear to them passes away, but the thing that stays the same, no matter how different people are, is grief. This is how life is, any living creature passes through a cycle of life that ends with death, which doesn’t have to be as bad as we think it is, as many cultures and religions perceive it as a gateway to a different yet eternal realm full of goodness and serenity. However, many people prefer to honor the memory of their loved ones in different ways according to their beliefs, religion, or just how they want it to be, which can help relieve some of the pain.

If you want to know more about different ways people resort to honoring the memory of their loved ones, read on as we will provide you with 4 artistic ways to memorialize lost loved ones.

1. Creating Special Pieces of Jewelry

If you have anything with their handwriting on it like a notebook, a piece of paper, or a card, you can get any piece of jewelry made with their handwriting engraved or printed on it. We always remember our loved ones no matter how many years have passed since they were gone, however, memorial jewelry is not a reminder of them, rather they give you a nice feeling that somehow they are near and present. Moreover, these can bring back beautiful memories and moments you had together, as the people themselves are forever and always engraved in our hearts.

2. Cremation

Cremation is another way some people resort to when they want to memorialize a loved one. However, many do not like the idea for so many reasons, be it religious, cultural, or they just can’t handle the process of cremation and putting the remains of someone dear in an urn.

The process of cremation goes by exposing the lifeless body to extreme heat in a cremation chamber specially made for this purpose till all the body tissues and bones turn into ashes. The remains are then put in urns for ashes, and the family takes it with them to their home. Some families make a dedicated place in their homes for the urns, like a special room or corner. Others place the urn in a columbarium to still make for a proper burial.

3. Keep Some of their Belongings with You

This way is simple and doesn’t require any preparation. You can simply take any item that belongs to them that has a special meaning to both of you or just anything that belonged to them and keep it with you. If it is a piece of jewelry or clothes, it would be nice to wear it sometimes on special occasions that you want them to be there with you and get that feeling of closeness. Choosing something that you can always carry around like a keychain, for example, is another good idea. However, if the deceased person is not a family member, then you need to ask for the permission of one of their family members before taking any item that used to belong to them.

4. Send Someone in Need to College

You can set up a college scholarship for someone who needs it in honor of your loved one. Ask around if you know someone who is worthy and in need, or you can go to high schools in poor districts and ask their Principals if they can recommend a student. Granting someone a college scholarship is such a beautiful way to honor and keep the memory of your loved one alive for many years to come. If you can’t afford to pay the whole expense on your own, you can start a fundraiser. There is nothing better than making a difference in someone else’s life, especially if that change will impact their future. This way, you let their legacy live forever and pay it forward, which can encourage others to do the same.

Ask your friends and family members for support while you are planning to memorialize the memory of someone dear to you, as these are the times that people mostly need to stick together and help each other. Pain is an inevitable part of life, however, it can be used to do something good and meaningful, like honoring the memory of someone dear that passed away. You can consider memorial jewelry and have a piece of jewelry with the handwriting of the deceased engraved on it, do cremation and keep the ashes, keep an item that used to belong to them with you, or give back to the community in their name by sending someone to college who can’t afford to do so and help them pursue their dreams in life. Whichever way you do to memorialize them, our beloved will always stay dear and present in our hearts till we meet again.

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