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Anxiety Management Tools for Creatives

Anxiety is a special kind of beast. It can tell you lies, prevent you from doing things you’d otherwise be doing, and stifle your creativity. It can make even the simplest of things seem...


Bolt poetry: Emotional Bolt Sculptures by Tobbe Malm

Six years ago, artist Vlad Artazov presented world with his interesting “Nail Art” series which creates unusually emotional sculptures using nail. Today, Oslo-based blacksmith and photographer Tobbe Malm tries to do the same thing...


Funny Emotion Icon Pack from Helloicon

Here is a free emotion icon pack from Helloicon, called “Mr. Zhong”. They are funny, cheesy and cute… like those emotion and share with you guys. Click here to download the whole package.


A set of cute emotions icons

Here is a set of free emotion icons made by manto Please notice… please don’t use these illustration for commercial reason… it is only for studying and learning…