It’s no secret that, thanks to inflation, lots of consumer goods are expensive right now. For a while there, the price of gas was sky high and the cost of a simple carton of eggs had more than doubled.

Due to such wallet-pinching prices, many people are turning to purchasing some of their goods wholesale. Buying wholesale is a great way to save money on regular purchases, especially if — in some cases — you’re willing to buy in bulk. But buying paper towels by the gross isn’t the only way to reap cost savings by eliminating the middleman. Here are a few of the best things to buy directly from a wholesaler to save yourself some cash.

1. HVAC Equipment

Maintaining your house or apartment at a comfortable temperature is an important and, often, expensive part of life. Inefficient systems can lead to massive electric bills each month, especially in winter and summer when they’re always on. Fans, space heaters, and in-window air conditioners often don’t get the job done well, leaving you too hot or cold.

You could always switch to central air instead, but the high cost can disincentivize many. That’s because HVAC contractors tend to be both retailers and installers. As middlemen between the manufacturer and customer, they’ve typically been able to mark up units as much as their local market would bear.

If you want to finally get a central air conditioner but are worried about the cost, buy from a wholesaler instead. You’ll likely need to hire a technician to install the system, but by buying wholesale, you’ll still save thousands of dollars. And you’ll never have to spend another night sweating in bed as your oscillating fan fruitlessly rattles back and forth.

2. Toiletries

Wholesale is frequently about buying in bulk, so goods that you know you’ll need a lot of are good candidates for this cost-saving strategy. Think about the kinds of things you use every day and thus have to restock regularly and often. The aforementioned paper towels are one such product, as is toilet paper. And while you’re in the bathroom, don’t forget about toiletries.

Toiletries are excellent candidates for wholesale purchasing because you know you’ll use them up — and they can be shockingly expensive. So once you find a shampoo, sunscreen, or shower gel you will use indefinitely, you might as well stock up on it.

While some toiletries will expire eventually, their shelf lives are pretty long, making them appropriate items to buy in bulk. Most people use toothbrushes, toothpaste, and dental floss every day — or they should! How about razors, shaving cream, and moisturizer for your daily shave? Consider the toiletries you use on a regular basis and head to Costco or Sam’s Club and fill your cart.

3. Wardrobe Staples

Personal style is a point of pride for many people, and for good reason. The way you dress subconsciously telegraphs information about your personality and character to the people around you.

Now, you could take a minimalist approach like Steve Jobs and buy bulk quantities of the same mock turtleneck and jeans to wear forever at wholesale prices. For many people, though, the self-expression offered by an array of clothing items is too important to sacrifice. So while you may not want to lose the individual garments that make your style statements, you can still save with wholesale bulk clothing purchases. Layering tees, socks, pajamas, and sweats are all likely prospects.

Or consider buying in bulk for the parts of your daily wardrobe that most people don’t see. Underwear and bras don’t make much of a visual difference in most people’s attire, so buy your briefs by the eight-pack. Of course, you can still purchase individual items for special occasions. But buying your undergarments in bulk can save you lots of cash over the lifespan of each individual piece.

4. Produce

Produce is an essential part of many people’s diets. Fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients necessary to keep your body healthy. Produce is also another common household purchase that can quickly rack up your monthly expenses. That’s especially the case if you’re set on buying produce off-season, like blueberries in February. To save on your grocery bill and some trips to the store, buy your produce in bulk instead.

Now, unlike cleansers and paper products, produce isn’t nonperishable. You can’t buy lettuce in lots of 12 and expect it to last indefinitely. But perishability doesn’t rule out bulk produce  buying; it just requires a different approach.

Luckily, buying produce in bulk offers an interesting opportunity, unlike other bulk purchases. Sure, you could go buy five bags of B.J.’s baby spinach, but consider buying wholesale by having produce delivered straight from the farm instead. Signing up for a farm share box is a great way to help support local farmers and save money on your produce at the same time. It’s a win-win that might even encourage you to learn some new recipes while you’re at it!

Cutting Costs by Cutting Out the Middleman

Saving money by buying wholesale can be about longevity — tissues, laundry detergent, that one highly processed snack you can’t seem to give up. Or it can be about fresh-picked kale and HVAC equipment delivered directly to you. In both cases, the common thread is eliminating the supply chain players that add to your costs. By buying these items wholesale, you can keep more green in your own pocket.

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