There are some kitchen utensils are essential and cutting board will definitely be one of them. Often an afterthought in the kitchen, cutting boards prevent blades from being dulled on hard surfaces like counters or plates. They also play a key role in food sanitation.

It is often said, a well-stocked kitchen should have several different cutting boards for different types of food. In this articles, we will not show you all kinds of cutting boards, but we want to focus on their functionalities. Yes, in these days, cutting boards are not only for cutting, they do have other usage as well.

The Obsessive Chef Bamboo Cutting Board

If you are one of those folks for whom things must be just so, then this cutting board is for you. The Obsessive Chef is a 9 x 12 inch cutting board made of strong, sustainable bamboo, and it clearly spells out the most precise measurements in exacting detail.

According to the product description, the board includes a multitude of guide lines for different grid sizes and angles ensure your cuts are precise. The board features guides for medium dice, small dice, brunoise, fine brunoise, batonnet, allumette, julienne, and fine julienne. Moreover, the lines are etched onto the board rather than printed, so they won’t wear off. [buy on amazon]

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Cutting Board with Collapsible Containers and Graters

Made of 100% food grade safe silicone. Has a removable rubber plug on top of the lid so you can safely microwave food. Made of durable material so you can throw it in the dishwasher even on extreme heat. On top of that, containers has SNAP on lids. You can store or carry food with a peace of mind. Our new containers are extremely convenient. When not in use, collapse the containers to save space.

NEW GRATERS are bigger, thicker and more secure. Comes with 5 interchangeable slicers. Design to fit perfectly in the slot on top of the cutting board. Can also be used separately on the side.

Design to help PREP, CUT and STORE food. We’ve thought of every feature to make this the ideal cutting board for customers. [buy on amazon]

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Index Chopping Board Set With Food Icons

This product contains four cutting boards. On one side of each cutting board, there is a label with food pattern as index, which is seafood, cooked food, meat and vegetables or fruits. Separate processing of different ingredients is more in line with the healthy lifestyle.

The size of the chopping board is 22*32 cm. The cutting boards can be used on both sides. Non-slip feet on corners of the base can grip on any type of countertop.

The chopper board is equipped with a base for storage. There are four independent grooves on the base. The 4 boards could be inserted into the base vertically. It can keep the board dry and air permeable, which is conducive to prolong the service life. [buy on amazon]

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Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen, Cheese Charcuterie Board with 3 Built-in Compartments

Made of 100% natural organic bamboo, carbonized in beautiful color. Preseasoned with vegetable oil. Reversible with juice grooves on both sides to catch juice from running on the counter. With 3 compartments to serve biscuits, dry fruits, nuts. Amazing serving tray to entertain. [buy on amazon]

[buy on amazon]

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