Logo, as an important part of the company identity, can never be under estimated. Every business looks for creative logo. You can always have those professional advertising company design your logo. However if you just start your business with limited budget, it might not an option for you. In this case, logo design contest at 48hourslogo is probably the way you should go, which gives you plenty of options to choose at reasonable rate.

48HoursLogo: a Good Place to Start Logo Design Contest

There are many logo contest sites, 48HoursLogo is one of the best ones. Started by a team of freelance logo designers, the site devotes offering professional logo design service for small business owners and entrepreneurs. It is easy to start your logo design contest on the site and many designers from all around the world will post design concept for your logo.

48HoursLogo: a Good Place to Start Logo Design Contest

Generally, there are three steps:

1. Fill out a logo questionnaire and set a prize amount for your logo project

2. Designers submit their logo ideas while you provide feedbacks

3. Select a winner and download your logo files

It is not only good for small business owners. As a designer, 48HoursLogo is also an excellent place for competition. You will see many new contest every day. As long as you have time, there is always a contest for you. You can join the contest to earn money, build your portfolio, have fun and challenge.

48HoursLogo: a Good Place to Start Logo Design Contest

One more interesting page added recently at 48hourslogo is the “Logo of the Month” contest. Every month, designers at 48hourslogo will nominate exceptional logo designs from that month to enter this competition. The final winner will be determined by popular votes received from clients, other designers, and visitors to the site. So if you enjoy beautiful logos, this is the page you should visit often for great logo design inspirations.

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