Japan-based artist Hiroki Takeda adds a dose of whimsy to our feline friends. Takeda’s watercolor works blend flora and fauna into affectionate cats and kittens caught lounging around or mid-snooze. These botanical-inspired paintings feature charismatic dogs, hamsters, birds, lizards, and more. But in this article, we will just focus on charismatic cats.

Takeda uses the form of the animal as the outline. But instead of fleshing out the body with the texture of the species’ body, he fills it with different kinds of plant life. Vines and grasses add fur-like texture and outline the creatures’ figures, which the artist then completes with sprawling gardens brimming with leaves, blossoms, and butterflies.

If you like these botanical-inspired paintings from Takeda, you can follow him in Instagram to keep up to date with his latest creation. There are tons of more to explore. Panda, bunny, jelly fish, owl … you name it.

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