Artists find various ways to recreate famous painting. Someone uses clay, someone uses Tofu and someone uses Lego. While the UK-based artist, Justin Bateman, uses colorful pebbles to recreate masterpieces like Mona Lisa and Girl With a Pearl Earring as exquisite land art.

All of these pieces are made on-site and as you can imagine, these works only survive for a short amount of time on busy beach. But for Bateman, the creative process of putting together the mosaic is more satisfying than making a permanent mark.

To make each mosaic, Bateman uses a rainbow of found stones, both big and small. As he arranges them according to hue and size, he is able to create effects similar to painting. Each figure is modeled in light and shadow so that from afar, they look remarkably close.

It is impressive to see what Beteman can do with those found beach pebbles. But the thing I jealous mostly is he can actually find that many colorful pebbles! 😁

Last, if you like Beteman’s work, you can check his website or follow him on Instagram.

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