When looking at a greenhouse for the first time, it may seem like just an ordinary structure. Yes, its function is basic. It’s a place where plants can grow and flourish. But, there are certain features that set apart impressive greenhouses from the basic ones. If you’re looking on building one yourself in your yard, it doesn’t hurt to learn from the best greenhouses in the world.

It may seem close to impossible for you to achieve, but when you’re working with a quality and reputable greenhouse supplier or contractor, you can actually have some of the impressive features of the best greenhouses. In creating your own in your yard, it always pays to strive to have no less than the best for yourself as well. If you wish to get your search process off the ground, there’s a great range of 6×10 greenhouses at swgreenhouses.co.uk and other similar sites.

6 x 10 Halls Silver Greenhouse from swgreenhouses.co.uk

1. Very Good Lighting

No greenhouse can ever be considered impressive if it doesn’t have good lighting. The reason for this is simple: while you might think that direct sunlight is the best for plants, that’s not necessarily true. In fact, for some plants, direct sunlight may even be too harsh on them. This is especially true if you live in a tropical country, or if you have really warm summer and spring months.

That being said, your greenhouse needs to block natural light that may already be too harsh and provide diffused light instead. The advantage of diffused light is that it can reach your plants from different angles, creating only a few shade spots. This fact can help ensure that the plants inside your greenhouse grow healthy and compact.


2. Aluminum Frames

There are many different choices of frames you can choose in your greenhouse. The most popular ones are aluminum, wood, galvanized steel, and rigid PVC. Design-wise, wood should be your best bet. But, if you’re after overall strength, durability, and even the ability to increase your greenhouse’s functionality, aluminum is the most ideal choice.

It’s important to note that for a greenhouse, the frame does more than just support the structure itself. When done well enough, the frame can bring more light in the greenhouse and even capture more heat, which is beneficial for the healthy growth of your crops.

Never skimp on the frame, no matter what your greenhouse design might be. It can make or break the overall functionality of the structure, as well as the wellbeing of the plants that live in it.

3. Ease Of Modifications

Did you know that greenhouses can also be modified?  When sturdy enough, a greenhouse can be considered as a permanent structure. But, the most impressive greenhouses will allow for easy modification, without hurting the structure’s strength and function.

It’s to your advantage to have a greenhouse that’s easy to modify, so it can keep up with your changing gardening needs. For example, it’s not always the case that you’ll be planting the same crops the whole year round. There are some crops that are best for the summer months, and others, during the colder season. Along with the crops you switch and alter, there are also those that you keep as permanent in your greenhouse.

So, it follows that your greenhouse should be pliant enough to be modified according to the changes in your gardening needs. Whether it’s adding extra accessories to enhance productivity or having extension spaces for more growing areas, an easily-customizable greenhouse is sure to keep you happy for many years of gardening.

4. Covering Or Glazing

The best greenhouses have the best coverings or glazing. If your greenhouse has proper glazing, it’ll be able to let in as much healthy UV or radiation from the sun as possible. When needed, the glazing can also give the greenhouse some insulation.

As to the glazing, the most impressive greenhouses naturally have glass instead of synthetic ones. Glass is able to absorb so much more of the sun’s radiation than synthetic coverings. This allows your greenhouse to retain more heat and hold more ultraviolet light.

5. Automatic Vent Openers

A well-ventilated greenhouse is key to plants surviving and thriving inside. Especially during the summertime, when the heat is at its highest, the need for adequate ventilation is even greater. Vents are usually placed on the roofs of greenhouses, but they’re useless if they’re not opened on hot days. This is where automatic vent openers come in as an impressive feature.

Unless you stay at home and work at home, you won’t have the time to check your greenhouse ventilation at least twice a day during the hot season, and manually open every single vent. With an automatic vent opener, this burden is lifted off your list of chores to do.


As you can see from the list of impressive features above, a greenhouse is nothing but simple. There are so many possibilities for you to improve its function. It doesn’t have to be the grandest or the most expensive. When you’re working with a quality supplier, you can find ways to make ends meet, to stay within your budget, without skimping on the features and quality. It’s up to you to take note of which features resonate the best with your needs, such that your greenhouse winds up to be the best, in your own terms.

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