The year is approaching its end, and the New Year will be here sooner than you expect. You will probably want to refresh your living space to begin on a happy note. Planning a wall revamp is a good idea, and the best time to do it is during the festive season. This way, you will have a place to flaunt in the holidays and carry through in the New Year. Wallpapers are trending, and they make an easy and less messy alternative to paints. If you are new to this decor element, let us share the wallpaper trends you can follow to deck up your living space this New Year.

Opt for a bright palette

After another dull year with the pandemic, it makes sense to bring some brightness to your life. Not surprisingly, vibrant hues will be trending in home decor ahead. Pick a bright palette for your wallpaper to make your place festive-ready. You can even try mixing and matching with stripes in bright and dull hues. Even metallic shades will be around, so be open to experimenting with eye-catching hues.

Go floral this season

Floral prints are evergreen as they replicate spring in your living space, even when freezing outside. The best thing about these patterns is that they blend well with any decor, whether it is retro, vintage, or contemporary. But you must pick your print size thoughtfully. Large prints do not work for small rooms as they can make the space appear even smaller. But you can create an illusion of space by sticking to daintier designs.

Murals are the next big thing

If you are serious about setting your home decor apart, mural wallpapers can get you there. They show your taste for fine things and add an element of magic to your walls. You need not struggle to get a perfect one as Everwallpaper has you covered. You can pick an artwork from their library, specify the wall size, and get the right wall covering at your doorstep. There couldn’t be an easier way to upgrade your home with stylish decor.

Space-specific designs are in

There’s nothing new in decking up your room according to its use. Space-specific wallpapers can take things to the next level. For example, you can enhance your baby’s nursery by picking a pretty children’s print for dressing its walls. The decor requires far less work compared to painting and decorating with decals and decor art. Likewise, you can opt for different designs for your living room, bedroom, bath, and kitchen.

Bring Nature’s finest indoors

If you love greens, think beyond decking your living space with potted plants. You can actually bring Nature’s finest indoors the big way by dressing your walls with evergreen prints. Pick a forest theme this season or play with autumn leaves. Get as creative as you can because your options are endless with this incredible trend.

Your home deserves the best, so make sure you have it this New Year. Pick one of these wallpaper trends to make your place flaunt-worthy!

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