Good ventilation is vital for ensuring your living space smells and feels clean. As well as keeping the temperature at a pleasant level, especially in the summertime. While spending time in your garden room enjoying the fresh air is likely a high priority for both you and the room itself. Proper ventilation helps you avoid dampness and mold while keeping moisture off of the walls. This is important if your garden room is made of wood or other uninsulated walls. This quick blog will cover 5 great ways to improve ventilation in your garden room.

Open the Windows and Doors

The simplest and easiest way of improving natural ventilation in your garden room is to simply open all the doors and windows, this will improve airflow and create a pleasant draft in the room. Of course, this isn’t always viable. If it’s raining, for example, opening the windows will likely cause your garden room to become damp and water damaged.

Add Air Flow Vents to the Walls

Filtered airflow vents added to the walls are a cheap option for increased airflow and ventilation. These vents can be fitted to the exterior wall, out of sight if you prefer, creating a passive solution to your ventilation needs. It’s best to have two vents on opposing walls to allow the air to flow through the room rather than just into it.

Add Electric Air Flow Pumps to the walls

Just like with air vents, electric airflow pumps built into the walls can actively pump air from the outside in. This isn’t quite as cheap but it does give you more control over the strength of airflow. Electric airflow pumps allow you to stop pumping air if there is a high pollen count, which can be unpleasant for hay fever sufferers in the spring.

Install Electric Fans

Electric Fans are a simple solution to improving airflow. However, they can also benefit your garden room’s ventilation. If there is no breeze, opening doors and windows isn’t going to increase ventilation enough to provide a pleasant change in temperature. Even a small electric fan can vastly improve ventilation and airflow in these situations.

Install and Air-conditioning Unit

The most expensive, and most versatile, option is potentially air con installation units. Like electric airflow pumps, they are mounted on the wall and offer a controlled inflow of air within the parameters you decide. While it may be the most costly, it can also allow you the most control. You can control many AC units from your mobile phone via an App. This means you can control the airflow and ventilation in your garden room even if you aren’t home. This is great if you are away on holiday and want to ensure that your garden room isn’t becoming stale and damp in your absence.


Hopefully, this article has given you a little more insight into both why ventilation is important in your garden rooms as well as how you can achieve it. No matter your budget there are options available to you on the market. Even if the option you choose is to simply open the windows!

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