Working from home or back in the office? Back to school for a new term? You’re going to need to make sure that you’ve got your stationery set organized to be as productive as possible. Whether you’re a fountain pen lover or you need to have the most up-to-date pencil case, there is a whole load of stationery essentials that you’ll need to add to your list.

This is why we’ve curated a roundup of the most sought-after and fundamental items to see you through the working year in style. From highlighters to different colored pens, we’ve got you covered.

1. Blue or Black Rollerball Pens

Rollerball pens should be a staple in everyone’s office essentials. Handy for writing quick notes or composing important letters and documents, they have fast-drying ink that rarely smudges. While blue versions are common for casual school work or work notes, black pens offer a more formal touch when you need to create something that’s a little more serious.

And even though blue and black rollerball pens are the most common versions, you can also purchase them in a variety of colors. From pink to blue to red to yellow, they come in handy if you need to make separate notes for different things in order to create more organization in your work.

2. A Good Sized Pencil Case

The stationery essential that keeps all of your stationery in one place – it’s vital you have a sturdy and good-sized pencil case for the optimum work/school organization. Make sure there’s plenty of room so that you’re not rummaging around to locate your favorite pen, and so that you can afford room-wise to purchase more products as well.

For example, if you need a 30cm ruler, you’ll need to purchase a pencil case that can accommodate this piece of equipment. In this instance, make sure you go for an extra-long one so that there’s room on either side for the apparatus to fit. But make sure it’s not too big, as often you may need to carry it around with you, so ensure that it can fit in your school or work bag without any issues.

3. A Fountain Pen

A fountain pen is essential if you do lots of writing that is either going to be assessed or you need it to stand out. They offer a more classy and formal aesthetic, which is great if you’re in an extremely professional job and need your work to be of the highest standard.

Fountain pens typically use cartridge ink, so it’s a good idea to always purchase extras in case you run out and need spares. They’re also lightweight and easy to carry around, and they’ll fit snugly in your well-sized pencil case.

4. Whitener

No one’s perfect. This means we will make the occasional mistake on paper when writing with pen. When this happens, you’ll be happy to have some ink whitener in your pencil case. Simply correct the area and move on.

5. Highlighters

Whether you’re revising for an exam and you need your notes to stand out, or you need parts of an important work document to shine, highlighters are extremely handy to have in your stationery toolkit. They come in a variety of colors, including neon pink, orange, yellow, green, and blue, so there’s always a shade for everyone!

Many models of highlighters have a wedge cut nib that allows you to highlight things quicker, too, so you’ll be able to color-code your work with ease.

6. Notepads

How many times did you forget to do something because you didn’t write it down? Notepads offer such a great solution to this. Carry one around with you at all times along with your rollerball or fountain pen. Then, next time you need to add something to your to-do list, you won’t rely on your memory.

Upgrade Your Stationery Collection

If you’re serious about organization and presentation when it comes to your work, having an up-to-date stationery collection is essential. You’ll be able to ensure all of your work is of the highest standard, and you’ll be proud to present it.

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