Decorating your home is a big challenge, especially if you’re living with kids. With kids around, you need to be very careful about the decors you’ll use to ensure that they can still play at home. You need to make both ends meet — your desire to create an aesthetically pleasing home without compromising the ability of your kids to have fun.

Achieving a kid-friendly decorated home is tough, but it’s not impossible to accomplish. In this article, we’ve laid out six tips to help you achieve that goal. Consider these tips the next time you want to upgrade your home, so you can enjoy a kid-friendly decorated home in no time!

1. Use Artificial Plants and Flowers

Plants are great home decors as they boost your mood and promote peaceful relaxation. However, caring for one isn’t an easy feat, especially if your hands are full with your kids. You need to allot time to give them the sunlight and water they need to stay healthy.

Instead of using real plants to decorate your home, opt for artificial plants. Faux plants come in a wide variety of options, so you can easily choose a piece that suits your home’s architecture and desired theme. Do you have limited floor space at home? Use artificial house plants hanging in ceramic pots. Planning to add luxury at home? Opt for faux orchids in glass pots.

Argos catalogue 2022 showcases different types of artificial plants for home decors at cheaper prices. Check them out to fill your home with different artificial plants without breaking the bank, and additionally give a luxurious and natural-like look to your house.

2. Invest in Slipcovers

The sofa is an important piece in the house. Because of their size, sofas can set the mood in your house and significantly affect the ambiance indoors. It’ll be challenging for you to create a well-decorated home if your sofa is stained or ripped.

To easily maintain the appearance of your sofa even when you have kids at home, invest in slipcovers. This protective, removable fitted cover is a godsend for parents or guardians because it makes cleaning a breeze. If your kids spilled their favorite drink on the sofa or decided to doodle on the furniture, you can simply remove the cover and not worry about ruining your sofa.

Most importantly, slipcovers are cheap, which means that you can replace them whenever you feel your sofas need a makeover. If you want to decorate your home in time for the holidays, look for slipcovers with snowman or snowflake prints. If autumn is right around the corner, cover your sofas with slipcovers with shades of coffee, rust, chocolate, or mustard.

3. Utilize Creative Storage

Decorating a home with kids is difficult because you need to look for ways to conceal or hide their belongings. Kids love to play, and toys left anywhere can become an eyesore. This can prevent you from achieving those Pinterest-inspired interior decors.

Utilizing creative storage is of the easiest ways to maintain an aesthetically pleasing home, even with kids. By having sufficient storage space around the house, you can minimize clutter from your kid’s toys while making sure that your home still looks good.

You can try the following creative storage solutions for your home.

  • Labeled wicker baskets: If your kids are old enough to read, label several wicker baskets and have them store their stuff inside. For example, you label one wicker basket for art materials, one for books, and another for their toys.
  • Bench storage: You can also invest in a bench that doubles as a treasure trove for your kid’s favorite items. This multi-functional furniture reduces clutter, adds more seating to the room, and improves the aesthetics of the space.
  • Wooden beams: You can also use a couple of wooden beams and flexible strings to store some of your kid’s favorite stuffed animals. This unique storage solution is cheap and allows your kids to get their toys easily.

4. Decorate with Trays

Kids are very unpredictable — they can go from calm to rowdy within a couple of minutes. This is especially true if you have two or more kids at home or love to welcome guests with kids in your home.

To maintain the aesthetics of your home regardless of how hyperactive kids can be, decorate using trays. Trays are very versatile and make it easy for you to remove decors in one swoop when things get rough at home. You can use this decorating hack in different areas around your home, namely the living room, dining room, and even bedroom.

Don’t know how to decorate with trays? Consider the tips below.

  • Living room: Use a coffee table tray for your living room and add a few flowers, candles, and coasters inside. This makes your living room more polished and sophisticated.
  • Dining room: Trays in the dining room aren’t only great decors; they also keep things close at hand. Make the most out of trays in your dining room by using them to store flowers, candles, pepper, and salt shakers. If you have larger trays, add in some glasses and napkins.
  • Bedroom: Maximize trays in the bedroom by using them to hold all of your essentials. Besides putting decorative items, such as candles and flowers, you can use these trays to store your perfumes, skincare products, and jewelry.

5. Add Vintage Style Rugs

Rugs have become a staple in many homes because they warm up the space and add a decorative touch. With the right color, size, and pattern, rugs can also become the focal point of any room.

Make the most out of these rugs by picking vintage ones. Thanks to their colorful patterns, vintage-styled rugs can hide stains very well. This is highly beneficial, especially if your kids love to run inside the house or eat and drink in the living room. With these rugs, spaces inside the home will look cleaner — regardless of how active your kids are!

Aside from its visual appeal, vintage-style rugs can also protect your kids from accidents. Rugs add extra cushioning to the floor that can lessen the impact of slips and falls. Plus, they also make a great sleeping spot when your kids get tired from playing.

6. Display Kids’ Arts

Kids usually love to tinker around and make art using different materials. While some kids love to paint, others have fun cutting colored papers and using them to create an image or patterns.

If you’re looking for a unique and cheap décor to add to your home, display your kids’ arts. Depending on your preferences, you can frame your kids’ arts and hang them throughout your living room or make a garland using your kids’ masterpieces. If your kids love playing with clay, harden their pieces (by microwaving them) and use them as a centerpiece on tables.

Displaying your kids’ art will make your home more visually interesting and encourage your little ones to be more creative — it’s a win-win for you! These pieces are also excellent conversation starters, perfect when you love to welcome guests into your home.

Start Decorating Pronto

As you can see, there are countless strategies to achieve a kid-friendly decorated house — and most of them are low-cost and easy to follow. So, what are you waiting for? Start looking for the items mentioned in this article and breathe brand new life into your home ASAP!

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