Intricate paper cutting isn’t something. And we have featured many talented artists’ work on our site. However, in most time, these paper cutting work only has one color. While British artist Pippa Dyrlaga takes one more step. In addition to hand-cutting all of these elaborate works of art, Dyrlaga also adds colorful touches to her creations, such as painting the feathers on a bird and fur patterns on an anteater.

I just loved working with it! And this was also during a time where I couldn’t afford expensive material, so it was a great way for me to be quite prolific. But mostly, I absolutely fell in love with it. I also got influenced by other paper artists at the time, Rob Ryan for example, who showed me that paper cutting can be used for so many things – like graphic design and print, says Pippa.

You can purchase original art via Dyrlaga’s website, and keep up to date with the artist’s latest projects by following her on Instagram.

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