Do you want your home to stand out from the cookie-cutter homes in your neighbourhood? Do you dream of creating a truly unique space that speaks to who you are as an individual or family? You’re not alone, homeowners all over the country are looking for ways to make their place feel special. Here, we offer six creative ideas on how to break away from standard décor and make your house a one-of-a-kind dwelling. Read on for unexpected ways to show off your distinct style.

Below are six ideas on how to make your home more unique.

1. Hanging Plants

Adding a few hanging plants around your home is a great way to liven up any space. Depending on the look you’re going for, you can choose from different vessels and styles of plants that can really make an impact. Think outside the box with macrame hangers or vintage pots if you want to be extra creative. Hang them from your ceiling, your walls, or in strategic places throughout your room – no matter where they go, these plants will bring life and plenty of texture and colour.

2. Add a Pergola

Thinking about sprucing up your yard with something special? Adding a pergola can do the trick. Not only will it make your home stand out from the rest, but it’s also an incredibly practical addition to your outdoor space. Also, it provides ample shelter and establishes a designated entertainment area or tranquil spot. Plus, you have total control over the design thanks to customizing options like different finishes and colours for the wood. For example, fair dinkum builds offer a range of different pergolas that can be tailored to meet your lifestyle and design

3. Use Bold Colors

If you’re looking to give your space a little extra something that sets it apart, bold colours are the way to go. Spicing up the room with some vibrant hues will make all the difference and create a look that will surely stand out. Make a statement by painting the entire room in an unexpected colour, or use pops of colour in art and other decors for an eye-catching style. Give yourself permission to get creative and have some fun with different shades – you never know what combination might just be perfect.

4. Hang Art or a Picture Below Your Window

Adding artwork to your home is a great way to show off your personal style and make a space feel unique. So if you’re looking for an intriguing way to switch up the decor in a room, why not try hanging something right below your window? It’s a cool spot to place art that most people don’t think of right away – it could be anything from an interesting photograph to an abstract painting. And it’ll add that extra bit of visual interest that can really bring the whole design of a room together.

5. Install Barn Doors

Installing barn doors is a great way to give your home a unique, rustic flair. With countless styles, colours and sizes available, you’re sure to find a door that’ll perfectly tie in with whatever vibe you’re going for. Not only are these types of doors pleasing, but they can also be incredibly practical – no need to fuss with extra space taken up by regular swinging doors. Instead, just slide them open or shut and keep your home looking great while having more room. Whether it’s a main entrance or a smaller closet door, installing barn doors could be the perfect finishing touch you never knew your home needed.

6. Add an Accent Wall

Adding an accent wall is a simple and affordable way to spice up your home. Whether you’re looking for something bold with exciting wallpaper, you make sure that your space stands out. Then, take things to the next level by trying different textures like wood, tile, or fabric – your imagination only limits the options. Don’t forget that artworks, photographs, and collections can also be showcased on your accent wall too – making it truly unique and yours.


Unique homes come in all shapes and sizes – so don’t be afraid to get creative when it comes to making yours stand out. Whether you choose to focus on the exterior or interior with a few thoughtful touches, your home can be an expression of your personality and style. So go ahead and try out these seven ideas to make your home more unique – you won’t regret it. Happy decorating!

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