You’re all set to have a great holiday at a vacation rental that is absolutely to die for, but packing well for your personal needs and for children or anyone else that may be traveling with you, is extremely important. Here are a few things you should not forget to pack regardless of where your vacation rental is situated.

Bring The Proper Electronics

Even if you are not a digital nomad, you still need to bring a few of the electronics that you need with you on the trip whether it is a set of different chargers and adaptors, your laptop, or your video camera. If you have children that use their tablets or kindles a lot, you need to pack the chargers for them as well. Having one of those multi-use chargers that allow up to 8 outlets can be helpful if you are going to have trouble with a power socket in another country.

Cleaning Supplies Will Serve You Well

If you are staying at a vacation rental, always bring your own cleaning supplies such as sponges, dishwashing liquid, sanitizing spray, and so forth. A vacation rental is usually someone’s home and even if they have cleaning products stocked there, you never know what germs may be lurking on those sponges and bottles. To be hygienic and safe, always have a small cleaning kit with you so you can tidy and disinfect as you see fit, during your time there.

Personal Security

Vacation rentals that are found usually through platforms like AirBnb or FlipKey are usually safe but there is no guarantee the way you may have with a proper hotel or guesthouse. Purchase items like a Kubaton online (as there may be flying restrictions for self-defense items like pepper spray or knives) in the interests of personal security. Buying a portable door lock is also a must-have item for frequent travelers particularly those that stay in vacation rentals to which many strangers may have the key.

Snacks, Condiments

When you arrive at a vacation rental managed by a vacation rental software used by the owner as many of them are, you are unlikely to find food or refreshments. In some cases, the apartment or house may have been empty for months and if you are very unfamiliar with the city or town you are going to, you may not immediately venture out for groceries. Keep some snacks and basic condiments with you so that you can manage your blood sugar and appetite until you can get some food items. Researching good, affordable takeout options at your destination before traveling may also come in handy.

individual-specific Needs

Items like medicines, inhalers, or even less serious needs like a night light or a special neck pillow can make all the difference when you are trying to get comfortable in someone else’s home for a few or several days. If you know you cannot do without pain killer or any item specific to your condition, make sure you make a list and do not forget that. The same applies for children with specific needs.

The Right Clothes And Gear For Weather Conditions

Never make the common mistake of thinking you can purchase clothing items or appropriate gear when you get to your destination. There is never a guarantee you will find your size or the style or material you are looking for and there could be a substantial price difference. Always carry appropriate clothing such as bathing suits and airy clothes for warmer climates and proper jackets, shoes, socks, and gloves for colder destinations. If you are going to be hiking or camping make sure you have the proper gear for that such as flashlights, water filters, solar gadgets, and so forth.

Bags, Towels, And Laundry Pods

When you are traveling and staying at a vacation rental try to not use the owner’s towels or bedding. As far as possible bring your own towels and bedsheets and at least a duvet cover. Laundry pods are travel-friendly and can be used safely to wash clothes while you are at the rental. A great tip is to avoid using the owner’s washer and dryer as these appliances can be the least hygienic, so wash items in the sink and lay them out to dry or simply postpone laundry until you get back home. Make sure to pack a lot of ziplock bags and plastic bags for throwing trash in or dirty clothes or to segregate items you feel may leak or get scratched.

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