Seeing a professional massage therapist or having a masseuse come over is not that convenient while most of us are shelted in place. So the next-best option probably is to have some massager tools that you can buy online and use yourself in the comfort of your own home. And luckily, there are many of such kinds of the products on market, from head to neck, from back to belly, from leg to foot. No matter you want heat or vibration, shiatsu or percussion, you can find something for you.

With those cool massager’s help, you don’t need to rely on a pal or partner’s elbow grease for relief. These massagers make great gifts for almost any person on your list, including yourself!

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1. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Features a variable speed dial for gentle to intense massage; Reduces pain & fatigue from joints, sports injuries, arthritis, muscle knots, stress, & improves flexibility. 4 Unique Attachment Heads: Flat disc for extra wide coverage, 4-finger flex to replicate fingers from a massage, acupoint head for pin-point relief of tension, & deep muscle ball to relax the body; Attachments reduce pain & fatigue from joints, injury, muscle knots, & stress [buy on amazon]

[buy on amazon]

2. Foot Massager Machine

The foot massager is equip with heat, deep-kneading, compression, rolling, subtle vibrating, built-in timer, 5 pressure settings, washable foot liners, and 2 wireless remotes. Independent foot chambers provide a rolling and shiatsu massage to the bottom and sides of the feet while air pressure applies pressure to all parts of the foot. The heat will relax tense muscles to target specific pressure points. [buy on amazon]

[buy on amazon]

3. Shiatsu Neck Massager with Heat

4 sets of massage nodes combine 24 beads working in clockwise/anti-clockwise rotation, target the trapezius muscles of the neck with its 3D shiatsu kneading, The distance distribution of the massage beads expands the massage range and touches more muscles to relieve fatigue. Simulate finger massage to the greatest extent, realize comfortable kneading, pressing and other massages. [buy on amazon]

[buy on amazon]

4. Shiatsu Back Shoulder and Neck Massager with Heat

This shoulder massager comes with 4 Big nodes and 4 small nodes, which provide deep tissue massages on your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, Foot, Tights, calves, legs, feet and arms – helping your full body parts to release stress, relieve sore muscles, and help you relax. All this in the InvoSpa shiatsu neck & back massager with heat. [buy on amazon]

[buy on amazon]

5. Full Body Heating Massage Pad

Shiatsu Massage with heat on Neck, Vibration heating Massage pad from shoulder to leg. Coming with a movable shiatsu neck massage pillow, it can be separately used to massage for neck,shoulder,back,lumbar,leg, etc. The massage mattress pad with 10 vibration motors provides a soothing massage on the tissues and muscles from shoulder,upper/lower back to leg for full body relaxation. With 5 Massage Modes & 3 intensity levels, 4 selective massage zones to meet your best needs. [buy on amazon]

[buy on amazon]

6. Hair Scalp Massager

COMFIER Smart scalp massager has four massage heads with 21 individual nodes each which rotates both in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction giving you a soothing massage to help stimulate hair growth, hair deep Clean and relief stress & pain. The electric head massager is made from IPX-7 Waterproof material allowing you to use it while taking a shower for a proper scalp massage. [buy on amazon]

[buy on amazon]

7. Heat Belly Wrap Belt with Vibration Massage

The back massager is built in 4 powerful massage motors to deliver soothing vibrating massage. It helps to further relieve tension and soreness muscles on your neck and shoulder, lower back, lumbar, thighs, legs. This back pain relief wrap has 3 massage modes, 2 adjustable intensity of vibration and 2 levels of heating. [buy on amazon]

[buy on amazon]

8. Vibrating Foam Roller

This foam roller for back, arms, legs, and other muscle groups features 5 levels of vibration. Simply select the speed to your liking and let those tired muscles relax! [buy on amazon]

[buy on amazon]

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