8 Interesting Visual Confusion Photography

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14 Responses

  1. SUMMER says:

    love these shots…..
    i’ve never seen anything so…..WOOWWWWW

  2. Nice shots, thx for the share !

  3. photofunny says:

    Really impressive, The photo in the train I think is fake no?? Isn’t the hair too normal??

  4. kadenzia says:

    Muy buenas las fotos

  5. innovatel says:

    woow … the photos are fantastic!

  6. Gylmer says:

    formidable, bonne photos

  7. bluefiz says:

    nice photo .. how they shot ?

  8. Wow. Very cool shots. I have never seen anything like those. I especially like the first one with the people upside down.

  9. A says:

    i love these shots!

  10. cikesssss says:

    seriously.,..it is awesome man!!
    really like those picturesssss

  11. Sharan gouda says:

    Its amazing, I never saw this kind of photography earlier.

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