Is little cute night light only for kids? Not really. As a grown-up, we can also enjoy these adorable soft glowing accompanies. Of course, you kids might get jealous if you only get one for yourself and not for them.

From dumpling, to coach potato, little kitty to witty owl, these LED rechargable guys are there to help with anyone who is afraid of darkness. Personally, I don’t like to have any light besides my bed but I do like to have one in the other room. It won’t interfer my sleeping but make me feel comfortable when I need to step out of my room. At least , it is not holly dark outside.

Tecboss Kids Night Light [buy on amazon]

With cute chick & tumbler design, funny to play, Tecboss baby night light is the best gift for your kids.
Adjustable LED: Touch the top of the night light to adjust the brightness. Place it in your children’s room, helping them to drive away from the darkness, helping to create a warm and romantic atmosphere, the baby can fall into a deep sleep quickly.

Couch Potato Night Light [buy on amazon]

Meet your new lockdown hero – Tayto the Couch Potato Night Light. An adorable potato-shaped light in the darkness, a cute and dumpy companion that celebrates the simple joy of staying indoors and doing nothing much at all.

He’s touch-sensitive and made from super squishy silicone so you can just give him a gentle tap or prod to switch between three different levels of brightness. And because he runs on a rechargeable battery you can keep him powered up with the included USB cable and pop him on the sofa next to you.

Shiro Cat Light [buy on amazon]

Contrary to ‘normal’ cat-handling advice, if you give this miniature moggie a gentle prod or tap on its soft belly, it’ll switch between three different levels of brightness, as opposed to clawing you to death. Shiro also runs on a rechargeable battery so you can keep this kawaii kitten powered up with the included USB cable and pop it wherever you please.

Little Bao Dumpling Light [buy on amazon]

This lovely little guy is a ‘xiao long bao’, or soup dumpling. But at 4 inches wide, he’s a bit bigger than your average dumpling, and he’s filled with light rather than juicy meat.

Unlike his edible brethren, we recommend against slooping him into some broth. Don’t get us wrong, he would probably love it. But he would stop giving off that lovely glow. And make your soup taste like batteries.

Unicorn Kids Night Light [buy on amazon]

Everyone can use a little magic in their night life. This mini Uni Ambient Light gives off just the right amount of mystical glow to your room. Perfect as a nightlight for guiding little (or big) feet to a midnight bathroom break or setting the mood before drifting off to dreamland, Uni makes the perfect nighttime companion.

LED Dolphin Nightlight [buy on amazon]

Made with non-toxic baby-safe BPA-free silicone to ensure safety, and the soft dolphin lampshade makes it ease to carry around and resist breakage. Anti-blue warm LED light won’t flicker or hurt your eyes. There’s a LED motion sensor on the bottom of the light, please tap or press it to switch among 6 colors breathing mode including dim/bright warm white mode and red / yellow / green / blue/ purple.

Hugmo Penguin Nightlight [buy on amazon]

Soothing nightlights offer a gentle and calming glow for children of all ages in nine vibrant colours. Soft silicon, the light doesn’t heat up so it can safely rest near their crib or bed. Go from white to colors with a tap on the pet shaped lamp, or use the remote with timer.

Lumipets Owl Night Light [buy on amazon]

LumiPets nightlights offer a gentle and calming glow for children of all ages. Soft colors make the perfect baby lamp, toddler night light, or kids night lights for bedrooms and nurseries. Soft and never warm, a child can safely place glowing LumiPets near their crib or in their bed.

Deer Nursery Night Light [buy on amazon]

The safest ABS and Silicone materials contain no harmful substances and make for a night light that’s 100% safe for your toddler to play, cuddle, and grow with! Even the LED filters blue light so you and your child can use it securely for longer without straining your eyes.

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