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Adorable Illustration of Hamster’s Life

Hamster is one of the commonest pets and they are beloved by many people due to their size and low maintenance. Japanese artist Gotte has a hamster named Sukeroku. This little cute choppy guy...


Squishy and Rosy: The Super Star Pets on Instagram

I never thought I will use adorable to describe turtles until I see the photos of Squishy and Rosy – two very photogenic little turtles who live in New York City with their crafting,...


Food Looks too Cute to Eat

Most of us like to see cute stuff. However, when the food is too cute to eat, I am not sure what kind of feeling I should have especially when I am hungry. We...


3D Cartoon Bread Loaves, Too Cute To Be Eaten

Japanese always try to add some cuteness to their food. From bento box to handmade desert, from fish-ish sushi to cat fortune cookie, they just make those food to cute to be eaten. If...


Lovely and Sweet Animal Photos

Welcome to our animal planet. ^_^ Today, we will see 16 Lovely and Sweet Animal… something about family, friendship, cute expression~~. And We have also found a lovely theft and some cute sleepy guys....


Eatable Art – Lovely Sandwich

I once wrote a few post about people use food as their element of creation…like “MINIMIAM Universe“, Amazing Watermelon Carving Art and Cute Bento. People put so much effort to make their food pretty...


Funny Emotion Icon Pack from Helloicon

Here is a free emotion icon pack from Helloicon, called “Mr. Zhong”. They are funny, cheesy and cute… like those emotion and share with you guys. Click here to download the whole package.


Japanese Food Art – Cute Bento

Japan is an interesting country to me. They have some really good products, creative ideas and pay lots of attention to detail. You can find those examples in their daily life, for instance, how...


A set of cute emotions icons

Here is a set of free emotion icons made by manto Please notice… please don’t use these illustration for commercial reason… it is only for studying and learning…


Super Cute Japanese Bento

Not sure how you guys make your lunch, buying some “take-out”, salad or MacDonald…? Let’s look how Japanese prepare their Bentō (lunch box). To me, that is so cute and I even don’t want...