If one of your tasks for the new year is to move into a new home, you must carefully plan for it. You need to learn how to perform a move that considers all the delicate decors you have in your home, and it is something that you cannot rush. Here are a few tips for packing delicate items for your move:

1. Use Egg Cartons for Small Ornaments

If you have small round ornaments that you need to pack, you can use an old egg carton. You can place the items in the box, but you have to make sure that they have padding that would limit the movement inside the box. You can seal it off using additional rubber bands so they won’t scatter in case it is accidentally opened during the move.

2. Use Small Boxes

As much as possible, you should use small boxes if you are posting fragile items. Putting them in large boxes increases the probability of movement and damage to your breakables. This way, you won’t also be tempted to pack too many items inside the box that can put pressure on your delicate wares.

3. Wrap Each Item

You need to give some time in carefully wrapping each piece in paper or bubble wrap. Fine china and dinnerware must be placed together according to their weight and size. If the items have any loose parts, remove them, and wrap them separately.

4. Secure the Box

It is not enough that you have a sealed box. You have to reinforce it with additional layers of tape at the bottom of the box to ensure that it won’t fall through once movers carry it. If you want to provide extra strength, you can tape the whole package so it won’t easily tear on the sides and the top.

5. Stuff Hollow Decors

If you have decor like bowls, vases, and jars, you can provide them with extra protection by stuffing these spaces with packing paper to prevent damage or breakage during the move.

6. Never Reuse a Box

You should never reuse an old box when packing fragile items. Chances are they are already too flimsy to handle your breakables. Use a new box, and make sure it is solid enough to hold your fragile items.

7. Use Appropriate Shipping Containers

When shipping delicate items like paintings, you should choose the appropriate shipping containers or crates to ensure that the artwork wouldn’t be damaged. For example, you can ship smaller art pieces in double-walled boxes to minimize the movement. It would also be useful to allow some space for padding to cushion the items in place.

8. Place Heavy Items First

If you need to place several items in one box, make sure to fill the bottom with some soft material like a towel or styrofoam. Place the heaviest and largest items first and fill the sides of the box with packing peanuts. Then, add the smaller items on top. Before sealing the box, make sure that the items inside the package have little to no movement.

9. Mark Your Boxes

Before sending off your boxes to the movers, don’t forget to mark them accordingly. You can print a “fragile” label and tape it on your packages. Make sure that you also inform the movers that they need to provide extra care when loading and unloading the boxes.

Take Your Time

The moving process can be extremely stressful, and it can be easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated with all the items you need to pack. When it comes to your delicate items, it pays to take your time to plan the packing process carefully.

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