You know when you are doing gift shopping, you usually will come across many “interesting” things. Just like the “Apple Watch iPod nano” concept here, which just suddenly made me wonder, why someone actually thought about such thing, since it has absolutely no functional value for me.

As a pretty loyal Apple fan, I have quite a lot Apple products. While I have to admit, neither iPod nano with watchbands nor Apple watch are my favorite products. And now, Joyce Kang‘s watch pod case just brings “worse to the worst” (at least for me). This concept takes the Series 4 and wraps it in an iPod-shaped case, complete with a (non-working) scroll wheel. So, in the other word, what this silicone case does is to give your Apple Watch a funky throwback and keep the watch’s screen, scroll wheel, and side button are still accessible.

The case has yet to launch but is said to be coming soon. And I am not sure I would like to have one and turn my watch into a pod. So, do you want this product go live?

h/t: yankodesign

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