Ads War : Mac VS Pc

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  1. nikhil korde says:

    This is with reference to a mac book I purchased one and a half years ago. I was a PC person for 10 years before being converted to a mac person a years & half ago when I purchased my first Macbook. I regret the day. Not only during the first year was there a problem with the plastic of the keyboard breaking near the magnet automatically, but just like an average PC the motherboard has conked off in a year & a half’s time. Hard core mac people (My professor’s at the Uni) raved to me about the quality of the product and how it can last for at least 3-4 years. I regret to say now mac’s have just become poor quality money making machine.
    I now have to pay Rs.500 (5GBP – 10USD) per 10GB to get back my own data for no fault of mine. If only I had a PC, my local vendor would have removed the hard drive and given it me to download my own data. I have lost all my money on the hardware /data (one and a half years of hard work) / Money I spent on buying all the legal software. I definitely don’t think I will recommend anyone to shift from PC to mac.

    Now I will incur around Rs 25000 (250 GBP- 500USD) to get it repaired which alternatively I could have paid beforehand by buying the I care package.

    P.S. I don’t even understand on your website where to send this email. Please make sure to read it on all the blogs of mac & PC wars. Chain emails and any other way I can tell the world.

  1. April 21, 2009

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