There is heated response about my last post about Ads War. Hence, I decided to continue digging in this area. And here is our today’s topic: the ads war between mac and pc.

The beginning word:

I have to say, I am pc. Even though I am working in designing field (actually, I am a flash developer), and seems most people working in this industry are crazy about mac. Just not me! (I love my decent Sony laptop, it is pretty, powerful and cheap.) I am not against people who like mac, just hate to hear someone said, “pc is so difficult to use, I even don’t know how to copy and paste”. And I heard that conversation more than once. That is really ridiculous to me.

The ads between mac and pc come trace back long time ago. And I am not going to list all their commercials. This poster is all about the latest round, initiated by Pc’s “laptop hunter” and responded by mac just yesterday.

I am pc – laptop hunter

1. laptop hunters $1500 – Lisa and Jackson get a SONY VAIO with just $1500 to spend.

2. laptop hunters $1000 – Lauren gets an HP Pavilion

3. Laptop Hunters $1500 – Giampaolo gets an HP HDX

4. Laptop Hunters: Homeless Frank

I am mac

Biohazard Suit – pc’s virus problem

Time Traveler – pc’s freeze problem

Stacks – pc’s searching problem

Legal Copy – pc’s lengthy Legal Copy

And here is three pictures people made to compare pc and mac from appearance, software and usability.

Appearance Matters :: Neat iMac vs. PC Mess

ads war - mac vs pc

I have to say, it is not so true. As far as I know, Dell already has it “all in one design desktop”.

ads war - mac vs pc

More software available

ads war - mac vs pc

Mac just keep making fun of pc’s anti-virus software.

Usability Feature’s Comparison

ads war - mac vs pc

What you want, peaceful and steady? Or risking but full of power of customizing?

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